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Beautiful Benk and Manny Waks Apologises to R’ Glick

April 2, 2014 – 8:43 am42 Comments

benk3aEditor: We have two very different stories today. Firstly, we have a short piece by Benk on his current exhibition and pictures of some of his beautiful work. After that, we publish Manny Waks’s apology to Rabbi Glick.

By Benk:

When asked by a gallery to be part of a themed exhibition, it’s rare to already have unreleased works that fit the theme perfectly.  This was the case for me with the ‘Closer’ show at Fawn Gallery. The gallery describes the theme as an exploration of closeness, a thoughtful look at the world around us. When asked to exhibit in the show, I had just finished working on a series of illustrations that look at the way my generation communicates; we have changed the definition of what ‘voice’ is. The works show digital communication in both positive and negative lights. I also made three new works specifically for the exhibition. My illustrations are exhibited alongside some great work by Sam Michelle, Ryhan Pearse and Joe Blair.

The show opened on March 21st and will be on display until April 3 (11am-5pm).
Go check it out while it’s still on. Fawn Gallery, 66a Johnston St, Collingwood, 3066.

See more of Benk’s work:







From the Editor:

Manny Waks posted the following apology on his Facebook page yesterday:

During December 2013, I posted certain statements on Tzedek’s website and on my personal Facebook page and permitted a third party to post a statement on Tzedek’s website, which referred to allegations made against Rabbi Abraham Glick.

In particular, I posted certain statements that suggested to some that Rabbi Glick was guilty and permitted a third party to post a statement stating that Rabbi Glick had admitted to the allegations made. I accept that those statements about Rabbi Glick were false and inaccurate, and accept and believe that Rabbi Glick was at all times completely innocent of the allegations made.

I unreservedly apologise to Rabbi Glick and his family and retract those statements.

Manny Waks

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