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Breaking News: Emmanuel Althaus Accused Of Revealing Complainant Identity.

April 10, 2014 – 2:16 pm8 Comments

From the Editor:

breaking news2We’re supposed to be on a break till after Pessach; however, some very important news has come to light.

From The Age:
“Police are investigating how a confidential complaint about sex abuse cover-ups at a prominent Melbourne Jewish college was obtained by senior figures associated with the school, resulting in the exposure the author’s identity….

“The man named in an email to Commissioner Lay as the person responsible for distributing the VRQA complaint at a St Kilda synagogue last month, Emmanuel Althaus, said “I’m not prepared to discuss anything,” when contacted by Fairfax Media.”

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/police-probe-leak-of-yeshivah-school-sex-abuse-complaint-20140410-36eta.html#ixzz2ySAXHdj7

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  • WasThere says:

    I’m shocked…..NOT…))

  • Leon says:

    This is a side issue but Mr Althaus owes the Jewish Community of Melbourne an explanation as to how he received the information he allegedly distributed. The entire Community looks bad by what has, and is occurring at Yeshivah. I hope that all this comes out at the Royal Commission and that those involved are outed, and then booted out. It is unacceptable to protect an Organisation and/or individuals who failed to act on claims of interference with our kids. Waks is a victim not a perpetrator. As for allegations that individuals failed to act, That is beyond disgusting. The way to protect the Yeshivah name is to assist not only the Police etc but the victim’s and their families.

  • Rishus says:

    The complainant is neither a yeshiva parent or a victim. So without getting a copy from Emmanuel, i’m not sure what he was doing complaining to the VRQA in the first place.

  • Joe in Australia says:

    Emmanuel Althaus is a private individual and it’s not actually his job to keep the Victorian Institute of Teaching’s documents secret. I don’t approve of breaches of privacy, but the the breach had already occurred before the document was in his hands. The blame, if there is any, lies upon whoever leaked it.

    That being said (and I have neither seen the document nor have any knowledge of its contents) I’m getting tired of these secret attacks against members of the Jewish community. A complaint regarding public allegations should have been lodged publicly. This wasn’t whistle blowing; it was an attempt to stab someone in the back while remaining undetected. I can’t say I’m glad it was leaked, but I have no sympathy for the author.

  • B Goldman says:

    [Editor: personal attack removed. This is your final warning. Further infractions will result in suspension of your account.]

  • Sunshine says:

    Actually wasn’t there recently an appology for a leak that the whole community screamed in outrage over?

    [Editor: personal attack removed. This is your final warning. Further infractions will result in suspension of your account.]

    Welcome back double standard

  • Alan says:

    Yes,double standard indeed!
    Wasn’t so long ago that the editor of this website revealed that the CEO of Tzedek was offering her an interview with the ‘accuser’ of the latest claims against Yeshivah, when no charges had even been laid, which she then refused on ethical grounds. Talk about a LEAK!
    A bit of a pattern emerging- secret attacks against private individuals ,mostly wildly exaggerated or better yet entirely fabricated, new dramas created to again divert attention away from the shameful behaviour and criticism of Tzedek.Latest ‘claim’ ‘leaked’ to the newspapers! What a surprise-and it’s becoming ever so tiresome.
    Funny how the latest piece of trash in The Age newspaper made no mention of a defamation suit nor apology from that CEO for the disgraceful behaviour that led to the tarring and feathering of an individual on his personal Facebook page ( and subsequently all over the internet) by the hordes rushing to support that CEO!
    Shame that this website rushes to publish it too with such tabloid headlines without substantiating it properly too.
    Some leak indeed.

  • Sunshine says:

    [Editor: personal attack removed]

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