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September 17, 2014 – 7:35 pmNo Comment

By Dr Gávi Ansara:

sinai desert lake


My Love knows no flag.

He awaits me in the desert,

His arms outstretched,

His mouth filled with ash.


If my Love could speak,

He would bless this void with song

His voice a fountain flowing through

The city of starving children.

He would rise up

Glorious as the parting of the Yam Suf

To shield four children on a beach

Who would yet breathe.


If my Love could speak

Through the wall of ash

That stays his tongue,

He would cry the falcon’s call,

Hunting between each desert flower

‘Til he beheld three young men

Who would yet breathe.


If my Love could speak

The waters of his lips

Would quench the fires of hatred

That devoured a young man

Who would yet breathe.


My Love would see neither borders

Nor contingencies,

But only children.

He would not calculate the worth of flesh.


My Love would flood this bitter earth

With water sweeter than dates,

His river filling hearts and mouths and bellies.


But the winds of war

Weigh down his words,

Until my Love lies drowning

Beneath this sea of blood.


Dr Yosef Gavriel Ansara has an MSc and PhD in Psychology from the University of Surrey, UK. Gávi’s work has received international recognition, including the UK Higher Education Academy’s 2011 National Psychology Postgraduate Teaching Award and the American Psychological Association’s 2012 Transgender Research Award. He has extensive background in health counselling, crisis intervention, and national health policy. He is Shomer Mitzvot and dedicated to achieving social and economic justice through the expression of Torah values. His life’s work – his spiritual calling – is about transforming pain into song, listening to and honouring the dignity of marginalised peoples, and bringing people together in lovingkindness.

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