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Message from the editor: Martin Place

December 17, 2014 – 6:23 pm5 Comments


We at Galus Australis extend our deepest condolences to the families of Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson. We wish the surviving hostages a speedy recovery.

Monday’s events shook us as a nation and we will no doubt see and feel their effects in the weeks and months to come.

Galus Australis applauds the solidarity that thousands of average Australians demonstrated, in spontaneous efforts like the #illridewithyou movement and in the tributes paid at Martin Place today.

At this time, when our nation is reeling from a horror we rarely have to contemplate, Galus Australis calls on all Australians to step forward and affirm that Australia remains a peaceful and tolerant country, because we – the peaceful majority – make it so.

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  • frosh says:

    I’ve found the #illridewithyou phenomenon interesting. Although I am not aware of any violent ‘backlash’ against the Muslim community from this recent event, I can understand that some members of the Muslim community might be fearful of a backlash, and thus I suppose that if the #illridewithyou phenomenon makes them feel more secure, then that is a positive.

    However, I can’t help but notice that when there were some actual violent attacks against Jews during recent flare ups between Hamas and Israel, we did not see such a campaign. This can only make me wonder if supporting Jews is a lot less trendy than supporting Muslims.

    Furthermore, I’m sure it is FAR FAR safer to travel as a someone who is visibly Muslim on Australian public transport than it is as someone who is visibly Jewish on a train in Paris, or for that matter, most European cities. Maybe Australian Muslims will encourage their brethren in Europe to start a similar campaign to support the safety of Jews.

  • Ari says:

    Interesting analysis, Frosh.

    It wasn’t all that long ago that there was a major backlash against the Australian Jewish community in response to the Labour government accusing Israel of “espionage.”

    With shrill cries of “dual loyalty,” the “progressive” leftists in particular wasted no time in vilifying and demonising our community. When it came to the jews, overnight the Left had found it’s good ol “Aussie patriotism.”

    But the most disturbing part of it all, was the fact that there were many “progressive” jews who were willing to jump on the bandwagon of vilifying their own. There were even a couple of individuals on this blog who proposed that Jewish schools and youth groups be monitored and put under surviellance.

    Likewise, the jewish community in the US was similiarly vilified after terms like “Israel-firsters” became trendy amongst the “progressive liberals.”

    Imagine the outcry and the shrill cries of “racism” if someone had suggsested that muslims have dual loyalty or proposed that muslim schools be monitored? It seems like the only thing that would attract the sympathy of the “progressive” Left and give a minority group automatic victim status, would be holding up a cafe or beheading someone. Interesting priorities.

  • Sunshine says:

    There’s a saying that goes “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something, untill I realised I was somebody”

    I would like to think that rather than wait for the world to treat Jews better that we lead by example

    Yes there were no violent backlashes, but the hate I’ve seen spewed by Jews on line is only matched by anti semitism and anti israel sites.
    We live in Australia and are different.

    Let’s move to keep it that way rather than tumble backwards with the rest of the hate filled world

  • letters in the age says:

    Waleed Aly said that his wife was scared to go out in public after the Sydney siege on his radio show

    She wanted to look less Muslim

    Having observed his career over many years they both have been subjected to nasty hate mail and sadly abuse in the past .

    I hope he’s not playing identity politics with that remark but it’s pretty scary when prominent Muslims are scared of abuse.

    I only hope his hosting role on The Project next year will wake up the idiots in our polity seeing a smart Australian Muslim in the mainstream Media

    Quite humorous that our Gay Human Rights Commissioner still wants “Freedom of Speech ” laws repealed..

    I suppose being paid a lot of money to espouse “Freedom” shouldn’t really bother him much as a free market fanatic

    Ridiculous hypocrisy!

  • Midnight Mike says:

    Now that the New South Wales Police Force has, confirmed that Man Haron Monis, did NOT have a New South Wales firearm licence, where did he obtain that Pump-Action Shotgun from?

    I notice that the media are awfully quite on this.

    Federal Attorney-General George Brandis said questions had been raised about how gun laws were enforced.

    “It appears the gun he [Man Haron Monis] held was a weapon that was banned as a result of the Howard government’s changes in 1996 so the question is not whether the laws are tough enough but the way in which the laws are enforced,” Senator Brandis said. (And he [Man Haron Monis] did NOT have a New South Wales firearm licence)…

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