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Breaking: Zeddy Lawrence threatens Rabbi Rabi with legal action

February 4, 2015 – 9:44 pm5 Comments

By Bracha Rafael:lawsuit-gavel

Tensions have escalated between Rabbi Meir Rabbi of It’s Kosher and Zeddy Lawrence, national editor of the Australian Jewish News.

Rabbi Rabi has published a detailed response to claims made by Zeddy Lawrence regarding a dispute between Rabbi Rabi and the London Beth Din (LBD).

The dispute relates to a letter of recommendation written by LBD dayan Yonassan Abraham for Rabbi Rabi in 2006. The letter was written on LBD letterhead and stamped with the LBD seal.

The LBD objects to Rabbi Rabi’s use of the letter on his website kosherveyosher.com. Rabbi Rabi argues that the wording of the letter indicates it was intended for public consumption.

The AJN article in question was published on 18 December 2014. Following Rabbi Rabi’s published response, Zeddy Lawrence has referred the matter to his lawyers.

Galus Australis has many further questions for all parties concerned and will be writing on this matter further.

Watch this space.

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  • John says:

    There has been a Royal Commission in Australia into how CSA has been handled by institutions, with Yeshivah Melbourne and Sydney being highlighted this week. Rabbi Feldman, Head Chabad Shliach of NSW, and Rabbi Moshe Gutnick have both unequivocally stated that it is not mesirah to go to the police and Rabbonim do not need to be consulted prior.



  • Shiloby Weezel says:

    A beat up

    Zeddy wouldn’t dare

    Whilst I disagree with much of his ideas, Meir Rabi has more seichel in his little finger than the whole of Zeddy has – even when you include the whole AJN organisation!

  • Mishka says:

    How come no one here has commented on the private text that Rabbi Kluwgant sent to Zeddy – which he then forwarded to the Royal Commission.

    Is this ethical? Anything about such behaviour in the journalists code of behaviour?

    Who will EVER trust Zeddy again?

    My understanding is that in Jewish Law his behaviour was pure rechilus.

  • John says:

    I have been waiting for some new comments and articles to come up for a couple of months new. [portion of comment deleted by moderator] Mishka, your biggest question on a two week Royal Commission that will have severe, permanent repurcussions world-wide, is how come Zeddy spilled the beans. I for one will trust Zeddy a million times more than the Rabbi you are disingeniously protecting and am grateful that that he has more moral fibre than half the Chabad leadership in Melbourne combined, who by the way are resigning at an alarming pace, with more to come.

  • david segal says:

    Misha you wrote:

    “My understanding is that in Jewish Law his behaviour was pure rechilus”

    I don’t know what is the source of your understanding, but in Jewish Law his such a behaviour may not be considered Rechilus, and may even be considered a Mitvah!

    See here

    לשון הרע ורכילות

    9 הרב עובדיה יוסף, שו”ת יחוה דעת, חלק ד סימן ס

    תשובה: … נראה שכל זה (-איסור לשון הרע) הוא באופן שמתכוון רק להשמיץ את חבירו ולבזותו. אבל אם מתכוון לתועלת מסוימת או להרחיק נזק מותר.

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