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The Roadmap is Complete: Jewish Education Outside The Jewish Day Schools

June 8, 2015 – 8:43 am4 Comments

jewish educationBy Jonathan (Jonny) Schauder:

The Roadmap

Want to give your kids great exposure to Jewish education but can’t afford the fees or not inspired by the bubble of the Jewish Day Schools (JDS)?

Well in 2015, the roadmap we started building in 2011 around Glen Eira College is complete and has been handed over to UJEB to manage. See original 2011 article here.

The roadmap is intended to be a guide for parents to make great decisions about what they do with their family. A gap-filler. A knowledge-sharer. Based on a four-pillared curriculum the intent of the roadmap is to be comprehensive and systematic in its approach to Jewish options and choices:

  1. Hebrew and Culture
  2. Texts, Spirituality and Values
  3. Israel, Identity and History
  4. Socialisation and Community Involvement

The Movement

The people who have joined me on this community change project understood one key call to action from the start. That the JDS is great and amazing, and that “fixing” it either through cost reductions or subsidised fees, or curriculum or campus simplifications wasn’t going to work despite the clear need and expert analysis like that of the Markus Report in 2008. Nor was there really any motivation from those who “own” the JDS to undertake such streamlining.

They understood that mining the endless potential of the community sector and public school system was needed for community well being. And that in doing so inclusion, empowerment and choice was going to be the catch-cry of a next generation of parents making the complicated identity decisions of schooling for their children.

The Product

So here it is! The first complete version at any rate. The map is now ready for community comment, addition, development and innovation…And ownership! The platform is there and the gaps are filled. A family setting off on or rethinking their journey in 2015 can now know that they will never be stuck or trapped in old paradigms and cracks in the system. The peer group pressure and guilt can be alleviated and the community can get on with what it does best – collaboration, innovation and inclusion or the entire community.

So why not join in?

Melbourne Jewish Education 2015: The Complete Community Based Pathway


Hebrew, Festivals & Culture

Texts, Spirituality, & Values

Israel, Identity and History

Social and Community


*Glen Eira College

Formal VCE Hebrew Language and Culture Studies Year 7-12

In-school hours elective: NETA

Three lessons a week plus exams

*Glen Eira College

Year 11-12 VCE

Religion and Society

March of the Living

Poland and Israel Trip

Maccabi, Ajax, UIA, JNF, JAA other

Community interest Groups.


*Glen Eira College

7-12: Festivals celebrated

on campus either independently

or in partnership with JSN

Programs like:

Spirit-teens, Chabad Sparks, and Youth Movements, TBI Youth

AZYC Camps and Holiday Programs

*Israel: Year 10 BJE/UJEB Identity Program

*GEC: Year 9 Roots Project and Holocaust Education

Schools: Large Jewish populations at most local schools and at Glen Eira College, Mckinnon High and Bentleigh High


VLS: Mckinnon High


Formal lesson per week

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Programs

Formal and offered in a wide range of formats and ideologies: Group or individual

*Afterschool JED @ GEC

(UJEB) History & Zionism Weekly Years 7-10

*JSN: Jewish Student Network



Caulfield Junior College

Prep to Grade Six:

Formal Hebrew

Three times a week

UJEB Hebrew Schools

Aleph Champ:

Lamdeni & Chabad Glen Eira

Prep to Grade Six: once a week

UJEB RE: All festivals

celebrated in-school

& afterschool

Prep to Grade Six.

Synagogue membership and events. Community events.

AZYC Youth Movements

informal education

and camps

Prep to 3

Synagogue membership and events & in-home observance and prayer.

*Indicates gaps that we have filled over the past 5 years. JSN is the High School brand for UJEB.

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  • Jonny says:

    Thanks Galus… Recommend everybody downloads the PDF to actually see the map…

  • letters in the age says:

    You deserve an award Jonny!

    Take a bow!!

  • Jonny says:

    Thanks letters… I’ve really appreciated your encouraging comments over the past years. Good to have reached this point in the project.

  • letters in the age says:

    My pleasure Jonny.

    You make the Jewish diaspora proud mate.

    Here’s to you… (raises a beer)

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