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Breaking: AJN Slashes Jobs

August 10, 2015 – 8:10 pm8 Comments

breaking news2By Bracha Rafael:

The Australian Jewish News laid off up to seven members of its staff today from a range of departments, including journalistic, advertising and production.

Galus Australis has been informed that the AJN advised one of the departing journalists that any ongoing position at the paper would be contingent on the journalists’ crowdfunding their own salary.

One departing member of staff, who did not wish to be named, said of the cuts, “That’s where the industry is going.”

The AJN is certainly not alone as a traditional media publication struggling to meet costs in the digital age.

Galus will be updating this story as more details come to light.

Update: Rod Kenning, General Manager at the AJN, contacted Galus today in order to set the record straight on several of the details reported last night.

Five, not seven, permanent staff members were made redundant. One fixed-term contract was also cancelled.

According to Kenning, reports of staff being advised to crowd-source their own salaries were “inaccurate and a little bemusing.”

Kenning stressed that “the future of the AJN is not in doubt,” a sentiment AJN National Editor Zeddy Lawrence echoed.

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