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Dvir Abramovich And Fascism: A Jewish Failure

September 1, 2015 – 1:08 pm19 Comments

nazi1By Alex Fein:

Dvir Abramovich, you need to step down now.

The B’nei B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission requires an immediate change in leadership.

You don’t get to head up a blue ribbon Jewish community organisation–one that enjoys all manner of tax exemptions with extravagant government and communal funding–and not do your job.

Especially considering what’s at stake.

The Australian Muslim community is in immediate peril and you are silent. Indigenous Australia has been the target of contempt and hate and you have barely said a word.

Searching the Anti-Defamation Commission’s site, your last castigation of Islamophobia occurred in 2014. And you have failed to make any meaningful statement on the Adam Goodes issue.

This is in direct breach of your organisation’s mission statement.

You are, however, prolific in your dissemination of press releases on issues that are simply not the purview of a Melbourne based anti-racism group.

The situation has become utterly farcical.

Four days have now passed since the Federal Government mooted the Border Force descending on Melbourne to demand people’s papers, and the ADC has said nothing.

Three days have passed since fascists invaded Bendigo to try to terrify Muslims and their friends and the ADC has said nothing.

Reclaim Australia has been gathering momentum all year and its connections with racist and fascist groups is obvious with even the most cursory Google search and the ADC has said nothing.

I will now post the titles of the many press releases you have issued over the past two months.

1)  August 25, 2015: B’nai B’rith International and B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission disappointed by Natalie Portman’s questioning of Holocaust education emphasis
The fascists had announced their intention to rally in Bendigo against the Muslims, but an American Jewish Actor’s opinion on Jewish education is what warrants condemnation….

2) August 25, 2015:  B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission concerned about Nazi memorabilia sold at Bendigo collectibles show
Not a single word about Muslims and the tensions in Bendigo. Apparently Nazis are only a problem for Jews.

3) August 21, 2015 x 2  B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission denounces rejection of Israeli film about disabled children from Oslo Film Festival
Reclaim is inciting against Muslims on facebook. No worries. The Oslo Film Festival is clearly more relevant to Australians. So relevant, that it actually requires two press releases! Monitoring it is certainly deserving of Australian government money and tax exemptions.

4) August 20, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission welcomes apology by Spanish Music festival and decision to re-invite Jewish –American singer Matisyahu to perform
A Spanish music festival. An American singer. Australian government money. Australian Jewish philanthropic money.

5) August 14, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission praises UN special forum to discuss and denounce Christian anti-Semitism
What, precisely, makes you think this press release has any impact on anything at all? Once again, how on earth can you justify taxpayers’ dollars and philanthropy spent on this?

6) August 14, 2015 B’nai B’rith International and B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission disappointed by U.S Government’s petitioning on behalf of Palestinian Authority urging decrease in financial awards to terror victims
See above. What makes you think that Australian time and resources are needed to bolster the international organisation’s statement. Who, precisely, cares what the Australian Anti-Defamation Commission thinks about this?

7) August 11, 2015 B’nai B’rith International and B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission urge the U. S Congress to reject Iran deal
See above. I promise: there is not a single member of Congress who cares.

8) August 12, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission denounces concentration camp comments by Dr Ric Gordon on The Today Show
Finally! An Australian issue! The only problem is, when the poor doctor apologised for his extremely silly comments, you declared his apology wasn’t good enough. Seriously. How on earth is that constructive? How on earth do you think you are helping or protecting anyone in any community by being so utterly ungracious?

9) August 10, 2015 Simon Wiesenthal Centre leader to deliver The 2015 ADC-Gandel Oration
Again, something in Australia: that’s wonderful! But beyond the few fortunate folk who attended the speech, who precisely was helped here? How is this an effective use of philanthropy? Beyond self-congratulation, what has this press release achieved?

10) August10, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission: Fairfax article by Ruby Hamad is shameful and misleading
This is particularly infuriating: the topic itself is actually, finally, within the remit of the ADC, yet the tone of the press release is so breathtakingly pompous, that precisely nought is achieved. Once again, who has been convinced of anything? Whose mind has been changed? Whose heart has been softened? Or is such a piece only capable of further entrenching everyone’s already-held beliefs?

9) August 8, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission denounces anti-Israel statements by senior official from Amnesty UK
Oh for crying out loud!

10) August 6, 2015 Joint Statement on Racism directed at Adam Goodes
Are you serious? Is this it? The repugnant behaviour directed at one of our most important Australians, simply because he’s Indigenous, merits nothing but a signature on someone else’s declaration? This isn’t funny anymore.

11) August 2 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission concerned about reports that Air France has wiped Israel from its in-flight maps
OK: this is a little bit funny… I can picture it the distraught Frenchmen: Alors! We must repent immediately! The head of a tiny department in a university on the other side of the world is angered by us! We must act now!

12) August 1 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission horrified by fatal West Bank Attack on Palestinian family that left an 18 month old toddler dead and his brother and parents critically injured
Why exactly does Bibi need to be quoted at the very top of this statement? Does the Israeli PM not have his own media department? Seriously! Australian Jewry needs to be able to express horror at this unthinkably repulsive act without acting as a cheer squad for Israeli politicians.

13) July 31, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission denounces stabbing at Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem
See above. Yet another opportunity to cheerlead for Bibi, rather than simply condemning a horrific murder.

14) July 28, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission criticises Mike Huckabee for offensive Holocaust comparison
I’m pretty sure Mike Huckabee comes from the same school as the folk at Air France.

15) July 27, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission commends Romanian President Klaus Iohannis for banning Holocaust denial
See above.

16) July 26, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission welcomes ALP National Conference Resolution rejecting Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions
I can’t believe it: something actually in the ADC’s remit!

17) July 23, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission applauds Italian Prime Minister Renzi for his strong stance on anti-Semitism and the BDS
Aaaand back we go….

18) July 22, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission applauds Twitter for new ‘Safety centre’ to aid users report anti-Semitic posts
Hmm… yet another release about something in the ADC’s mission statement. Careful, you could actually be doing your job….

19) July 22, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission joins Simon Wiesenthal Center in petitioning U.S congress to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power
Oh, never mind….

20) July 21, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission concerned about online comments following the Jarryd Hayne twitter episode blaming Jews for the death of Jesus
OMG! Someone on the internet accused the Jews of killing Jesus! Quick: write a press release!

21) July 15, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission calls on Hungarian government to halt its plans to erect a statute honouring anti-Semitic minister Bálint Homan
Firstly, erecting, ‘statutes’ is harder than it seems. Secondly… Hungary…. Australian Government money…. Philanthropy…. I need a coffee.

22) July 15, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission welcomes conviction and prison term for Oskar Groening, the ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’
Never fear, Australian Jews, Muslims, Indigenous people, other minorities: the ADC’s on the case. When it welcomes a conviction and prison term, you can be sure that conviction and prison term stay welcomed!

23) July 15, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission accepts Jarryd Hayne apology for offensive tweets
I have a funny feeling Mr Hayne has other concerns….

24) July 14, 2015 B’nai B’rith International and B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission deeply concerned about Iran nuclear deal
In breaking news: US ditches deal in response to ADC ‘concerns.’

23) July 10, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission calls on Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow to remove offensive video installation of naked men and women playing a game of tag in a gas chamber
You can not make this shit up!

24) B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission praises Episcopal Church in the U.S for opposing BDS campaign
This will clearly alter the course of Israeli/Palestinian history….

25) July 7, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission welcomes Hilary Clinton’s strong anti-BDS stance
See above. Also, Hilary must be inordinately pleased.

26) July 7, 2015 Twitter comments by Jarrod Hayne blaming Jews for the death of Jesus deeply offensive and wrong
See above….

27) July 2, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission congratulates Linda Dessau on her appointment as Victoria’s first female Governor and the first Jewish Australian to assume this role
I imagine Linda Dessau shares Hilary’s pleasure.

28) July 2, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission condemns United Church of Christ Divestment vote
In Cleveland. Ohio. Australian taxpayer dollars….

29) July 2, 2015 B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission mourns the passing of Sir Nicholas Winton
Fair enough. No one would begrudge this sort of release if it occurred in the context of other releases that actually fulfilled the ADC mission.

30) B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission: In light of revelations of an earlier anti-Semitic twitter post, James Howarth’s apology is insufficient and not satisfactory
Here we go again… Ungracious. Unhelpful. Pointless. These should not be the words that best describe any communal institution. But it’s particularly egregious, considering the incredibly important work that is waiting to be done.

Dvir Abramovich, through sins of omission, you have made common cause with the most appalling sectors of Australian society. In the glaring gaps, that should be filled with agitation for a just Australia, there is instead pompous posturing.

Step down now.

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  • Larry Stillman says:

    Thanks Alex, much along the lines I have argued, but with even more detail. http://koleinu.com.au/why-isnt-the-anti-defamation-commission-responding-to-local-racism/.

    Interestingly, D.A. has not bothered to respond.

    I give my reasons why I think this is the case in my article. He has been captured by the peculiar agenda associated with the neo-conservative anti-Islamic Jewish right, and I suppose that the rest of his board really don’t care, and the donors are ignorant.

    Certainly, you raise an important point. Why should it continue to have tax free status?

  • David Langsam says:

    Yes, Alex, could not have said it better.

    My family were very long-term supporters of B’nai B’rith, but to coin a phrase, it was a good organization that lost its way.

    It seems to be more just an arm of AIJAC or the SZC and doesn’t do its job.

  • BARRY MOND says:

    I am not even going to bother commenting on much of the nonsensicle far left tirade that Alex Fein has seen fit to vent upon Dvir Abramovich.

    What I will say, is that the author is obviously fixated upon Islamaphobia.

    A phobia is defined as an un-natural fear of something or someone.

    Alex Fein criticizes Dvir for not coming out strongly enough about this Islamaphobia.

    I have got news for you, Alex.

    You may not be afraid of Muslim fundamentalism and the desire of Muslim fundamentalists to introduce Sharia law into every Country on earth, including Australia, but the bulk of the Jewish population in this Country actually live in the real world and not some fantasy land Utopia, that you apparently inhabit.

    Guards have not been posted outside Jewish day schools, Synagogues and Community Centres out of fear of being attacked by Christian terrorists, or Buddhist terrorists, or Hindu terrorists, or through a terrorist attack by anyone other than Muslims.

    Islamaphobia is both real, and justified.

    The Federal Police have thwarted planned attack after planned attack and Muslims have been convicted of terrorism and sit in jail because of it.

    Not Christians, or Buddhists, or Hindu’s or Seventh Day Adventists, Muslims.

    And ONLY Muslims.

    Obviously, Man Monis’ terrorist attack on the Lindt cafe in Sydney, must have escaped your attention.

    So go ahead, Alex, and good old Larry and David.

    By all means continue to live in your dream world where you deny the fact that ISIS is destroying every Country it infiltrates, is beheading and murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children both Christian and Muslim who refuse to accept their version of the Koran, and have infiltrated into Europe in order to bring down European culture, and turn Europe into an Islamic State dictated to by Sharia law.

    The 500,000 refugees that have currently flooded into Europe, have obviously not heard of Charlie Hedbo, or the murder of innocents in a Jewish French Delicatessen. If they had, they would be attempting to find other places of refuge.

    If only the 4 million refugees who have been driven out of Syria and Iraq by Islamic State, could read your article, Alex, I am sure they would put their own Islamaphobic fear of ISIS aside, even though they are Muslims, and would return to their own Countries.

    Dvir Abramovich, you are doing a great job speaking out on behalf of the Jewish Community.

    It is a pity that blinkered biased left wing ideologues like Alex Fein and company, can’t see the wood for the trees.

  • Robert Weil says:

    Goodness me! Here is the perfect typification of “nobody does ‘hate’ like the left”. Dvir, if you are reading this, be assured that the silent majority of rational members of the community do not thrash around in the cesspool of political correctness as does the author of this post. Nothing you have done or not done does in any way depart from the mission statement of your organization. Please keep up the good work.

  • Alex Fein says:

    1) I have been referred to by members of the AJDS and other left wing groups as, ‘Right wing’ – so I must be doing something right….

    2) Robert, please provide evidence to back your claim that you have access to ‘silent majority’ opinion.

    3) Barry, are you not aware of the very close links between Reclaim and Neo-Nazis? Are you comfortable making common cause with such people? Do you believe that once they’re done with the Muslims, Jews won’t be next?

    4) A simple Google search reveals the horrifying truth of far right involvement in Reclaim. ADC failure to condemn this is in direct breach of its mission statement. No amount of ranting about Muslims and Islam can change that fact.

    5) Dvir Abramovich should pay attention to sectors of the community offering support. He should pay particular attention to their statements regarding Islam, Muslims, and of course, homosexuality.

  • BARRY MOND says:

    I always find it intriguing Alex, when those who are biased to one side, can only see that side.

    The AJDs are complete buffoons, and wouldn’t know their right from their left.

    Firstly, I am fully aware of Reclaim Australia’s website and their policies.

    I do have an issue with their policy on so called “food free of Religious blessings”, however their leader has explained that this does not apply to Jewish Ritualistic slaughtering, nor would it apply to Hallal if the money paid by the Muslim Community did not go towards funding terrorism.

    So called charities like Human Appeal International Australia, uses Hallal taxes to fund terrorism in Gaza.

    Muslim Aid Australia, funds terrorism from Hallal money in the “Palestinian Territories” using Interpal, an organisation proscribed by former Foreign Minister Downer and declared by President Bush to be a “specially designated global terrorist organisation”.

    And it goes on.

    Now, I accept that at some of the protests lead by RA, nut cases dressed in Nazi garb and proclaiming to be Nazis, rear their ugly heads. RA say that these people do not represent their views and they do all they can to distance themselves from them and to prevent them joining in.

    Jews won’t be next.

    At least from RA. RA do not see Jews as a threat to the Australian way of life. We do all we can to go about our business as unobtrusively as possible, as we have always done.

    We don’t object to Christians conducting their festivals, we don’t have Rabbis preaching from the pulpit and screaming about the infidels in our society like the Immams in the Mosques.

    And not only do we not commit acts of terrorism in this Country, but we do all we can to assist the Authorities and protect our citizens.

    But let me come back to you. You support those who protest in FAVOUR of the Muslims.

    And who are they, none but the ratbag Socialist Left and the Socialist Alliance.

    You are aligning yourself with the biggest enemies of Israel.

    It is this Godforsaken mob who mass in the streets to protest against Israel at every opportunity.

    They never protest against the atrocities committed against hundreds of thousands of innocents by Islamic State, but when Israel fight a defensive war against the murdering Hamas terrorists, they are out there in force calling for death to Israel and YOU support these imbeciles.

    When these protests occur, Dvir Abramovich will be among those at the forefront of those who defend Israel.

    That is his job. And he does it very well.

  • Alex Fein says:

    As an editor of this site, I have a dilemma: the previous comment by Barry Mond is clearly libelous against the Muslim community. It is filled with untruths and slurs.

    This comment has only been approved so that other readers can get a sense of how a sector of the community approaches this topic.

    I feel it’s important that difficult perspectives – even when they are not based in reality – are aired if they are shared by a significant number of people.

    I encourage our other readers to respond, and to correct Mr Mond’s misapprehensions.

  • BARRY MOND says:

    If you are going to make the spurious claim that my post “is clearly libelous against the Muslim Community and it is filled with untruths and slurs”, then at least have the courtesy to point out where I have defamed the Muslim Community and the so called untruths and slurs.

    My point about Human Appeal International, is true and based on fact.

    My point about Muslim Aid Australia and Mr. Downers opinion, and George Bush’s quote, is true and based on fact.

    My point about Mufti’s and Imam’s preaching hatred from their pulpits is true and based on fact. The mufti of the West Preston Mosque is a prime example.

    My point about Jews not committing acts of terrorism in this Country, is true and based on fact, as is my inference that only Muslims have committed or attempted to commit acts of terrorism in this Country.

    Although, I personally do not have an issue with the Bendigo Mosque being built nor for that matter any Mosque being built, my point about the Socialist left who protested in favor of the Bendigo Mosque, being virulently anti-Israel to the point of calling for Israels destruction is true and based on fact.

    My point about them never protesting against the atrocities committed by ISIS, is true and based on fact.

    So, rather than hide behind generalities as you have, at least have the courage to point out where I have libeled and slurred Muslims by making statements that are not based on fact.

    As far as Reclaim Australia is concerned, they have as much right to protest against a Mosque being built, as the Socialist left have of protesting that the Mosque should be built.

    What you won’t find however, is RA protesting in the streets against Israel fighting a defensive war against terrorists like your friends in the Socialist left do.

  • Yaron says:

    So much wrong I don’t know where to start, so I will keep my comments to only a few of your errors.

    1. Defending Israel is not Dvir’s job. Preventing antisemitism and combating racism is. Racism against Muslims is very much the core of his job. Having Bibi’s back is not.
    If you do not want this to be his job, that is fine, but it would involve a change in the charter of the ADC.

    2. I am glad there is no attempt to end kosher slaughter by RA (a side issue here), but there is a push in Australia to end kosher slaughter by others.
    So we look at the threat to the Hallal and say it has nothing to do with us. Muslims look at the threats to kosher and say it is nothing to do with us, and before long both have been phased out.
    Or we could stand together.

    3. The only reason there is no objection to some Rabbi’s sermons is because there is no one monitoring them. I have heard plenty of objectionable things that have been said.
    And having nasty things said does not mean we will produce terrorists. It is something that should be stopped on both sides.

    4. No one is arguing for the anti-Semitic left. Or for that matter has anyone aligned themselves with the Muslims. We should just be standing against racism in this country.
    That is Dvir’s job.
    If he doesn’t want to do it, he should step down and let someone else do it. They could hardly do a worse job.

  • Larry Stillman says:

    Dear Me Mr Mond

    I think others have said all that needs to be said as above. I can only say in response that I will be showing your remarks to my Muslim colleages at Monash. I know what they will say ” a shande far di yidden”. They are law-abiding, pretty conservative, Mosque going, hallal-abiding middle class people. They are appalled by extremists. My Bengali Musliim colleagues probably don’t know Yiddish but they would be equally appalled.

    You make all sorts of allegations about Muslim Aid and Interpal which are assertions and inferences (certainly on how one views the conflict in Gaza, or charitible support in the Occupied Territories). But at least, to quote Wikipedia “The British High Court in July 2010 found it is libellous to link Interpal and Hamas” and a/c the Guardian ” July 2010: £60,000 to the trustees of a charity, Interpal, for an Express story falsely claiming it supported Hamas.”

    What frightens me most is that you don’t appear to get the point that Reclaim Australia and its ilk are a hair’s-breath away from Jew hate, given the circumstances (particularly as it is tied up with traditional “Aussie” nationalism.

    I won’t even take up your assertions about the “left”–which these days is in nowise one party or line. I don’t know of any group or person who is not repelled by Isis and there is a lot of writing about them as a religious-political cult. There is division about what is to be done — as there is in the mainstream. As for the Israel issue, that is old ground, also a wide range of viewpoints, from very moderate to left loony (merging with right loony)

  • BARRY MOND says:

    Yaron and Larry,

    I will deal with each of your posts individually.


    Dvir’s job is to speak out about Anti-semitism. That is his main job. When opponents of Israel attach Jew hatred to their criticism, then Dvir has every right to defend both Israel and the Jewish Community.

    The fact that there is pressure, mainly from the RSPCA and others to ban Kosher slaughtering is a totally different point and irrelevant to that which Alex was intimating.

    She said that Jewish Slaughter would be RA’s target after Hallal slaughtering, and their spokesperson has denied that, and they do not have that in their policy.

    The only reason they are against Hallal slaughtering and supervision, is that some of the levies imposed in the millions of dollars to producers and manufacturers, are finding their way to fund terrorist activities.

    You accuse Rabbis of saying nasty things from the pulpit. Name names and what they said. If you can’t or won’t then you only shame and embarrass yourself.

    If as Alex states, you deny the right of RA to protest against the building of a Mosque, then by definition, you support those who support the Mosque.

    In this case, it was the far left, known haters of Israel and Jews.

    I am far more Democratic than you or Alex, Yaron. I say that both sides have the right to express their views.

    You will note that I stated that I have no issue with Mosques being built wherever they are permitted by Councils to be built.


    I have been doing business with a Sunni Muslim from Pakistan for 35 years, and he has become a very close friend.

    He came from a wealthy Pakistani family of 10 children and decided to leave home to come to Australia. He did so, because even back then, he feared for the future of his Country and that it would one day be taken over by Radical Muslims. Almost all his family have now left Pakistan some have come here, and some have gone to South Africa.

    He has reiterated to me time and time again, beginning 32 years ago, and I will quote him. ” The Palestinians do not want peace with Israel, and there will never be peace with Israel and the Palestinians. You have to tell your fellow Jews, that they will be fighting to keep Israel until eternity”.

    He keeps reminding of those words me every time he sees me.

    So, I have never had a problem with what I would term normal law abiding Muslims who do their best, just like we Jews, to integrate into our society.

    I have a friend who has been teaching at a large Muslim school in Coburg. She has been there for 25 years. She is not Jewish.

    She told me that during the Gaza war, a 12 year old kid ran through the playground with a sign saying death to Jews.

    The Principal called an assembly, paraded the kid in front of the school, said “this is not acceptable in this school” and the boy was expelled.

    I though that was a great gesture, and what Islam should be about.

    I’m all for anyone irrespective of faith colour creed belief, to live their lives in this free, Democratic multi-cultural society.

    However, the facts are that we live in dangerous times and Islamic fundamentalism is a huge problem for the world, including Australia.

    If it wasn’t an issue, we wouldn’t have guards at our institutions, something that Alex, Yaron and you always conveniently ignore.

    Interpal have been inexorably linked to Hamas terrorism. And your selective quoting from that bastion of Israel hating Journalism the Guardian, does you no credit.

    However, I’m prepared to join you and quote from Ha’aretz, the virulently Left wing Israeli Newspaper.

    According to them, Ramadan Tamboura a “well known Hamas figure”heads the Gaza based El Falah Benevolent Society which is a partner with Interpal.

    Ibrahim Hewitt one of Interpals trustees, advocates the killing of infidels, apostates, and adulterers, and states that Homosexuals should be put to death for their “great sins”. Interpals staff refer to Hamas terrorists as martyrs.

    However it is Essam Yussuf another Interpal trustee, who manages on behalf of Interpal a charity called Miles of Smiles”. He works closely with Ahmed Brahimi, who said when 5 worshipers were murdered in a Jerusalem Shul, “God is great and he should be praised for the Martydom operation in Jerusalem”.

    Yussuf regularly appears with Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh. I could go on a and write a whole post about this evil charity, but I won’t bother.

    If you want to live in a fairyland thinking that Interpal are just wonderful and have no ties to terrorism, good luck to you.

    I am surprised that you don’t know anyone who is not repelled by ISIS.

    I suggest that you go and meet with your friends in the Socialist Alliance. They support ISIS, through their silence.

    I have yet to see them raise even a whisper against Isis in particular, or Islamic fundamentalism in general.

    However, if Israel raises one finger to defend herself, out they come in force.

    What neither you or Yarom appear to understand, is that Israeli demonetization and hatred IS the new Anti-Semitism. And Dvir has every right to speak out about it.

    I will let Dvir answer for himself Alex’s other accusations should he choose to do so.

    My point is that every time Dvir speaks out against Israel and by extension, Jew hatred, I applaud him, and am proud of his contribution.

  • Doodie Ringelblum says:

    Hi Barry
    I guess by your reasoning, the Black Hundreds weren’t anti-Semitic. They had a reasonable fear of the Jews many of whom, after all, were leaders in the various revolutionary movements of Czarist Russia. So I suppose it was ok for them to conduct pogroms against all Jews as a result. After all, you never can tell which of them are openly revolutionary and which are closet communists can you?

    And you’re right – I’ve never heard a rabbi call for the death of Muslims. But I have heard one say – from the pulpit on Kol Nidre! – that all the evil in the world, since the time of Ishmael – is rooted in Arabs and Muslims.

    I’m not trying to come up with tit-for-tat arguments; just to point out that the evil of radicals of any persuasion is no justification for the demonising of the groups that they nominate themselves part of.

  • Bracha Rafael says:

    Barry, there are some gaping holds in the claims you’ve made. You’ve said:

    I do have an issue with their policy on so called “food free of Religious blessings”, however their leader has explained that this does not apply to Jewish Ritualistic slaughtering, nor would it apply to Hallal if the money paid by the Muslim Community did not go towards funding terrorism.

    Which leader are you referring to? To Shermon Burgess, founder of Reclaim Australia, who went on to found the United Patriots Front along with convicted anti-Semite Neil Eriksson? Or to Monika Evers, the driving force behind the anti-mosque campaign in Bendigo?

    So called charities like Human Appeal International Australia, uses Hallal taxes to fund terrorism in Gaza.

    You cannot make allegations like this without substantiating your claims. What are “Halal taxes”? Does money raised in Australia in the course of certifying food as Halal end up in the coffers of Human Appeal International? Does Human Appeal International fund terrorism? Evidence please.

    While you’re at it, maybe have a read of this: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-14/fact-check-does-halal-certification-fund-terrorism/6383238

    Now, I accept that at some of the protests lead by RA, nut cases dressed in Nazi garb and proclaiming to be Nazis, rear their ugly heads. RA say that these people do not represent their views and they do all they can to distance themselves from them and to prevent them joining in.
    Jews won’t be next.

    This really needs to be substantiated. Because every single leader of Reclaim Australia that I’ve been able to do any reading on has—at BEST—one degree of separation from vicious anti-Semitism.

    You also make the mistake of conflating condemnation of the far right with support for the far left. There is a great deal of space in between–so great that I won’t even call it the centre.

  • Yaron says:

    Barry, where to start?

    You have succeeded in being offensive and wrong in almost every line of your response.

    In fact I have struggled to find a truthful statement in your entire response to me.

    1. Yes part of Dvir’s job is to speak out against antisemitism. It is also about racism. When he ignores major incidents of racism in Australia to congratulate Bibi on an election win, or to disapprove of Natalie Portman, then he is not doing his job.

    2. Pressure to ban kosher meat is entirely relevant to efforts to ban Hallal meat. Do you think they would ban Hallal but leave kosher alone because we are so friendly?
    If so you are incredibly naive.

    3. So now we believe people because of what they say. I am certain that RA are very trustworthy (said with hints of irony).
    If you simply take their views at face value then you are sadly misguided.

    4. I am not going to list instances of problematic things said by rabbis on their pulpit. Firstly because they do not have to be in the public domain, secondly because it is the weeks leading into Rosh haShana, and thirdly because I do not want them in trouble with the AFP who may be watching this site (and a big hello to all the AFP who have taken the time out to read my comment. Thanks.)
    But it does happen regularly and if you have not heard it you must have been asleep during those sermons.

    5. RA have the right to protest but not to violence.
    I support the right to have the mosque, which means that I support freedom of religion.
    I support the right of fools to make all sorts of unsubstantiated and somewhat inflammatory claims, but not to be violent.

    6. Claiming I support the left because we have one common cause (allowing freedom of religion) is the same as equating you and all your views with Putin because you are both against the LGBT community.

    7. If you support RA, part of the MO is violence. Are you going to believe what they say or what they do?

  • BARRY MOND says:

    Yaron, where to start!

    You say that you struggle to find a truthful statement in my entire response to you and that I am being offensive and wrong.

    I put that statement of yours down to a lack of intelligence, an inability to comprehend, and an almost obsessive blinkered biased point of view.

    So let’s look at your points one by one.

    1. The fact that you agree with me that Dvir is required to speak out about Antisemitism, immediately destroys your argument that I am not truthful, and that I am wrong.

    You may, however, find the point that I have made about Dvirs’ main responsibility which is to the Jewish Community, offensive.

    That doesn’t say much for your state of mind.

    Now, in my opinion, which I hope that I am free to express, it is entirely up to Dvir, how he reacts and comments on general racism in the Community.

    I would think however, that with the level of Antisemitism and Jew hating acts increasing every year, he would have his hands full defending the Jewish Community, let alone other Communities.

    Just to add, I have absolutely no doubt, that had Herzog won the Israeli election, you would have had no issue whatsoever with Dvir congratulating him on his election victory.

    2. The reason that they give for wanting to ban Hallal certification, is because some of the money earned does find its way to so called charities who support Hamas.

    Contrary to Bracha Rafael’s Assertions and her selective quoting, the fact is, and a cursory search of Google will provide the information, Human Appeal International has been investigated by the FBI and CIA and found to have indisputable links to terrorist organisations like Hamas.

    I do agree however, that there are some in RA who would want to ban ritualistic slaughtering without first stunning the animal.

    They are not alone with that as DENMARK have banned both Hallal and Kosher slaughtering.

    I haven’t seen expressions of righteous indignation from you about that.

    3. I judge people on two things. What they say and what they do.

    Thus far, RA have not said or done anything to target the Jewish Community. If or when they do, I will speak out against them, as I do against anyone or any organisation who are proven to be Antisemitic.

    4. What a disgraceful, demeaning, imbecilic comment.

    You make a blanket statement about Rabbis who preach hatred about and against Muslims from the Pulpit, but refuse to name them because the Federal Police might read your posts.

    You really do have an incredibly high opinion of yourself and this blog.

    If you are not prepared to name names and give explicit examples, then you you have absolutely no credibility at all.

    I have attended the Or Chadash Minyan at Caulfield Shul for 33 years. Our Rabbi during the last 31 years has been Rabbi Mottel Krasnjanski.

    The only time he speaks out about Muslims during his sermons, is when Hamas fire rockets into Israel, when Palestinian’s murder whole families like the Fogels,or blow up Malki Roth and other innocents, and when ISIS and Islamic Jihadists wreck their havoc around the world.

    He has never sermonised against Muslims per se, or their faith. He is a brilliant orator, and I never fall asleep during his sermons.

    I have also had the pleasure of listening to the sermons of the Rabbi of the Caulfield Hebrew Congregation, Rabbi Ralph Genende.

    In the 6 years that Rabbi Genende has occupied the pulpit at CHC and I have been in attendance, I have only ever heard him speak out about Islamic fundamentalism and ISIS and terrorism inflicted upon Israel and the world by Islamic Jihadist groups.

    In fact, Rabbi Genede’s record of Interfaith dialogue with all Religions is unsurpassed in our Community. Rabbi Genede always encourages us to show tolerance and compassion to moderate Muslims.

    I have no issue with that whatsoever. As I have written, one of my closest business associates and I should add friends, is a Sunni Muslim.

    So those are the two Rabbis with whom I mainly come in contact.

    I have named them, and relate what they have said, so how about you showing some intestinal fortitude and doing the same.

    I abhor racism of any kind. And those who promote racism, be they lay people or Rabbis, must be exposed.

    Recent events at Yeshivah College, should be proof enough of just how much damage cover ups and silence can do to our Community.

    Not only does credibility hang by a thread if you do not, but you become the very person that you accuse me of being.

    5. You put the “violence” solely on the shoulders of RA.

    It is obviously impossible for you to see that your friends in the Socialist Left who attack police at every so called peaceful demonstration and are responsible for more violent acts against authority than any other group, could possibly have engaged in any violent acts at the Mosque demonstration.

    I agree that there are some Nazi elements that infiltrate the RA side and whom the RA try and disassociate themselves from, who engage in violence.

    The fact is that to some extent, both sides are as bad as each other.

    I made it very clear in a previous post that I have no issue whatsoever with Mosques being built subject to Council approval.

    I also have no objections to people protesting peacefully in particular those protesting against the building of a Mosque in their suburb or town.

    Plenty of Bendigo people don’t want the Mosque and are not aligned to RA.

    They have a right to protest, because unlike you and me, they live there.

    And, yes, Yaron, I support your right to make unsubstantiated and somewhat inflammatory claims.

    The problem is, as you say, when you make such claims, you are seen to be a fool and your credibility goes out the window.

    6. Your claim that I am against the LGBT Community is both insulting and a complete fabrication on your part.

    I had a business from 1972 until 1980 in which 90% of my clientele were Gay at a time when when being overtly Gay was not on. Some passed away from aids. Others who did not have remained friends for life.

    My issue is not, nor has it ever been with Gays or the Gay Community. My issue is not even with Gay Unions. I have seen far too much discrimination against Gays and accept that Gay Unions are a fact of life and if the Government saw fit to pass a law recognizing Gay Unions as they do with De Facto Heterosexual couples, I would have no issue with that.

    In fact the law currently recognizes same sex couples rights, as it does with DeFacto couples rights.

    My objection relates solely to the use of the word Marriage to describe that union.

    If Heterosexual couples who live in a long term monogamous relationship which may or may not produce children, have had the courtesy to rather than hijack the word marriage, come up with the word De Facto to describe their relationship and Union, then surely the Gay Community can come up with a word to describe their union.

    If you see that as me being against the Gay Community, then I have to say that you have a major chip on your shoulder that requires surgery to have it removed.

    7.I only support the right of RA to protest. And to do so peacefully.
    Time will tell if your reservations about them are correct.

    If you support the Socialist Alliance, whose agenda against Israel is well known, and their propensity to always conduct violent demonstrations sets them apart from other organisations, then are you going to continue to support what they say and do?

  • letters in the age says:

    Yes and the I.P.A must also be mentioned for attracting the nasty far-right wing who are palatable but polished racists…

    The bigoted bourgeoisie are the most insidious and sophisticated in their ugly and nasty extremist ideas

    Casual racism is rife amongst the elite everywhere including the media and politics

    Monash, Melbourne University are where the seeds are planted for these freedoms are fostered and made more palatable for the masses

  • letters in the age says:

    Please disecct and analyze the next generation of Jewish m.p’s in your next post Alex pertaining to those Nazi comments our p.m made YET again

    That’s farcical as well along with some shallow propaganda

    Playing identity politics is a real sport with politicians who abuse their Jewish status for political expediency

  • Alex Fein says:

    Hi Barry.

    Your previous comment was really interesting and I think things have got unnecessarily heated.

    Decent people need to be able to disagree without resorting to nastiness, and I, as much as anyone, need to keep that in mind. So I apologise for any unfair accusations I’ve leveled.

    For what it’s worth, I happen to know Yaron quite well and he’s most certainly not a leftist, so we can safely put that to one side. :)

    Me personally, I’ve been accused of being from both wings, but in reality, I refuse to buy into any pre-fabricated ideological structure – left or right!

    Basically, we’re going to have to agree to disagree about whether Dvir is doing his job.

    What I would like you to consider, however, is that there really are people out there who are full of hate. Jews used to be top of their list. Now they’re happy to *use us* to get to the Muslims. For the moment….

    We don’t see a lot of what goes on – particularly for Muslim women who wear the hijab and are thus identifiably Muslim. They’re the target of a lot of abuse at the moment, and are at particular risk during road rage incidents.

    Those who target these women don’t care if the women are good or kind or want to just be decent contributing members of Australian society. They don’t care if they’re mothers or daughters or sisters…. They don’t care that they’re human! All they see is the hijab and that’s enough reason to be aggressive and sometimes even violent.

    As Jews – as people who were strangers in Egypt – when this is going on, we have an obligation not to be silent.

    It’s not a right/left issue. It’s an issue of Yiddishe menschlichkeit.

    We also have to be smart. If people of hate are trying to use us, we need to keep our eyes open.

    I know Google throws up all sorts of stuff when you type in ‘Halal’ and ‘terrorism,’ but I know you’re also smart enough to know that not everything you read online is true. There are some horrible people out there with vested interests in making innocent Muslims look bad.

    And I promise you: these people of hate might come for Halal first, but they won’t stop there. They never do.

  • Alex Fein says:

    I was speaking to a cousin yesterday, and he pointed out a couple of important things:

    In the article, I didn’t make it clear that we’d approached Dvir last week, asking him to comment on the Reclaim issue. At the time, he said he was in a rush, and suggested we speak to other Jewish orgs to get an opinion on the matter.

    I also didn’t make clear that we had let Dvir know about this piece prior to publishing it, and offered him right of reply, which he hasn’t – as yet – taken up.

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