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The Next Phase: Going Social

November 11, 2015 – 1:36 pmOne Comment

socialFrom editors, past and present – Frosh, Rachel, and Alex:

We’re going social!
This past Shabbes, Galus founding editors, Rachel Sacks Davis and Ant Frosh got together with current editor, Alex Fein, for a brainstorming session on a new path for Galus and we reckon we have exciting news: Galus is going social.

We’re taking the action over to Facebook – expanding our page and creating a group, The Galus Australis Community.

Content is now in your hands…
In the group, you’ll be able to share your own links to articles, videos and podcasts that are of interest to Australian Jews.

Where we’ve been:
Galus has been at the forefront of Australian Jewish innovation, providing platforms for Australian Jews to write about their projects and share news of their endeavours.

We brought you the stories of Glen Eira Secondary College and Moshe House from their births to fruition.

We’ve also been the first to break news and provide the medium through which whistleblowers could alert the community to problematic practices in our communal organisations.

As Australia’s premier online Jewish cultural affairs magazine, we’ve been the go to site for many talented Jewish Australian writers, musicians, and artists who’ve shared their work and ideas with the community. Now, most of these folks have their own blogs and websites.

In 2009 when Frosh and Rachel started Galus, the best method of bringing Australian Jews together was a stand alone website. At the time, the Australian Jewish News pretty much had a monopoly on Jewish Australian media. That’s no longer the case. And back then, Facebook was popular, but not as popular as it is now.

Where we’re going:
Consumption of media has also become more globalised, and you can read Australian Jewish stories through international media outlets more frequently today than you could then. Of course, you may not have time to go searching for these stories – from places like the Forward, Zeek, and Tablet among many others – so we’ll help you find them.

Frosh, Rachel, and Alex feel that in 2015, the best way to continue to keep you in the loop is via Facebook, so you’re invited to follow us there if you don’t already, and you’re also invited to join our Facebook group.

Our Facebook page is here

Our Facebook group is here.

Keep telling us what’s going on in the Australian Jewish community. You can do it by posting in the group directly, or if you want to be anonymous, you can message the Galus Australis Facebook page or email us  at editorial at galusaustralis dot com and ask us to post for you.

If you join us in this new venture, expect to see more challenging ideas, more of the news that is important to Australian Jews but for whatever reason doesn’t find it’s way to our other media outlets, and more conversation and debate between community members.

We’re excited and we hope that you will be too.

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