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גלות אויסטראליס

Galus Australis – The Southern Exile

Galus Australis is a forum for discussion and debate about Australian Jewish life. We’re interested in identity, culture, politics, religion, sociology, food and humour (to name a few). Sometimes even sport.

Galus Australis does not subscribe to any particular ideological viewpoint, and is committed to the value of robust and challenging debate. We endeavour to publish a range of viewpoints and welcome well-written, considered (and controversial!) submissions from across the religious and political spectrum.

Each writer is responsible for the opinions expressed in their own posts, and the views expressed do not represent any Galus Australis editorial position.

The editorial committee of Galus Australis consists of:

Alex Fein (Editor-in-chief)

Bracha Rafael (Editor)

Anthony Frosh

We’re an open committee and are interested in hearing people’s views. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us at the following address: editorial at galusaustralis dot com

Also, if you have any suggestions / feedback, feel free to let us know on the General Feedback forum –  click here.


Galus is implementing a new comments moderation policy.

We still ask our commenters to –
. be nice – please refrain from personal attacks and defamatory statements.
. keep it clean
. stay on topic
. refrain from posting spam

However, infringement of the above will now result in deletion of offending comments accompanied by a warning. Repeat offenders will be placed in pre-moderation or will be suspended from commenting.

While it is preferable that you comment using your real name, we understand that some people wish to comment using a pseudonym. In such cases, we still request that commenters use a legitimate email address, which will be kept in strict confidence.

In addition, we ask that commenters –
. refrain from repetitive comments
. refrain from multiple comments, one after the other. In general, please allow for at least one comment from another person before posting a subsequent comment.
. do not debate moderation policy on site. Please email the editors with any moderation concerns you may have.
. write in plain English. A comment that is incomprehensible will be deleted.
. do not comment under multiple identities
. email the editor, rather than comment in a post, if they suspect someone of using multiple identities
. do not correct themselves in subsequent comments. Please proof read your comments initially.

Any comments found to be an impersonation of a real and known identity will be referred to the police.

Finally, material that breaches copyright may also be removed.

We’re also implementing new submission guidelines.

We encourage submissions from anyone with something interesting to say on matters relevant to Australian Jewry. In certain circumstances (e.g. legitimate whistleblowing), we’re willing to publish articles by anonymous authors; however, the editors need to know who you are. The identity of writers who wish to remain anonymous will, however, be kept in the strictest confidence.

We ask that submissions –
. be no longer than 800 words unless agreed upon with the editors
. be already proof read.
. be sent in a Word or Open Office file
. be in a standard format
. be in Times New Roman font, size 12
. not contain any images. If you wish to include images, please send as a separate attachment rather than embedding in the word document.
. not contain any defamatory material

Email submissions to editorial at galusaustralis dot com

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