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December 8, 2015 – 3:43 pm | Comments Off

Following Galus Australis’ transition away from an online magazine to a Facebook based community group, the site was to be taken offline (on Friday 11 December).
However, as that date became closer, we received several requests …

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The Invisible Survivor

March 9, 2015 – 3:29 pm | One Comment

By Ittay Flescher:
At the start of 2013 I wrote an article for Galus Australis in the lead up to the Israeli TV Series Prisoners of War (Hatufim) being screened on SBS. It began with the …

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Searching for Wisdom at Limmud Fest

September 24, 2013 – 10:45 am | Comments Off

By Ittay Flescher:

On the back of my business card, I have a quote from a 2nd Century Tanna named Ben Zoma. It’s a series of questions from Pikrei Avot 4:1 about the meaning of life. One …

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Ruth Calderon’s Message to Australian Zionists

August 18, 2013 – 9:10 am | 3 Comments

By Ittay Flescher
 During her most recent visit to Melbourne as a guest of the Zionist Federation of Australia, I was privileged to hear Yesh Atid MK Ruth Calderon speak at three different venues. In these …

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When Art Imitates Life

January 17, 2013 – 12:05 pm | 6 Comments

Ittay Flescher looks at the Israeli TV series (on which the US hit series Homeland was based) commencing this Saturday night on SBS.

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Kony 2012 and the Danger of a Single Story

March 11, 2012 – 3:28 pm | 11 Comments

By Ittay Flescher
In the last week, over 60 million people have watched this video which seeks to make Joseph Kony famous.
Kony is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a guerrilla group that has forced …

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Tu Bishvat of Floods and Climate Change

January 19, 2011 – 10:32 pm | 47 Comments

By Ittay Flescher
Today is the day that Jews throughout the world celebrate Tu Bishevat, the new year for trees. In mystical tradition, on this day we have the opportunity to rise through all four worlds of …

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Are The Greens Kosher?

July 29, 2010 – 12:04 pm | 86 Comments

By Arielle Perlow and Ittay Flescher
The Rabbis of the Talmud teach us there are 70 faces to the Torah. Is it possible that one of them is green? Many Jews in Australia believe in the …

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Jewish Engagement – That’s the point!

July 6, 2010 – 8:11 pm | 6 Comments

By Ittay Flescher
Simon Green recently posed a challenging question on Galus Australis entitled “Jewish Continuity – What’s the point?” In it, he argued that too many people are asking the wrong question by focusing on “How do we keep the kids …

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Mossad Passport Appeal 2010 – Give Generously

March 8, 2010 – 11:23 pm | 19 Comments

Language of Engagement

December 9, 2009 – 1:41 pm | 14 Comments

by Ittay Flescher
The Australian Jewish News recently published an opinion piece titled “Unsettled by the terminology” where the author contended that media outlets should stop using the word, ‘settlers’ to describe Israelis living in the …

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