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December 8, 2015 – 3:43 pm |

Following Galus Australis’ transition away from an online magazine to a Facebook based community group, the site was to be taken offline (on Friday 11 December).
However, as that date became closer, we received several requests …

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Like a Virgin – Limmud Oz for the Very First Time

July 7, 2011 – 8:35 pm | One Comment

By Robert M Kaplan
“They want you to give a talk at something called Limmud-Oz”, said my publisher, a woman of enormous capability and an undistilled admiration for the organising capacity of the late Mr Ceausescu. …

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Australian in line for al-Qaeda Top Job

May 3, 2011 – 9:26 pm | 73 Comments

By Anthony Frosh
An Australian has been named as one of the potential replacements for the recently deceased al-Qaeda chairperson, Osama bin Laden.  Fiona Byrne, current mayor of Marrickville, is apparently on the short list to …

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Purim Hoax Backfires

March 20, 2011 – 4:05 pm | 13 Comments

In what was meant to be a fun hoax for Purim, Galus Australis published an article about the (fictional) acquisition of their publication by Robert Magid, the owner of the AJN.
Sadly, the perpetrators of the …

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And now a word from our Sponsor

November 9, 2010 – 5:29 pm | 9 Comments
Lee Harvey Oswald – Allegedly he shot Kennedy from the Book Depository.

Galus Australis is a not-for-profit online magazine that aims to both highlight Jewish life in the Great Southern Land, and be an online manifestation of the idiom that where there are two Jews, there …

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A Letter from the Principal of Yavneh

October 18, 2010 – 10:25 pm | 53 Comments

14 October 2010
6 Cheshvan 5771
Dear Parents,
As we enter into a new Jewish year, and as we approach the end of another school one, it is important for us to re-evaluate our values as a community. …

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Hello, is this the Sukkah hotline?

September 21, 2010 – 8:00 am | 3 Comments

By Anthony Frosh
For my wife and I, like many Australian Jews, the first Sunday after Yom Kippur is Sukkah building day.
Sukkah building used to require some knowledge of carpentry and ideally, some reliable contacts within …

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Warning: Never Separate a Wedding Reception from a Chuppah

March 21, 2010 – 8:55 pm | 9 Comments

At many weddings, you will find that there is a considerable gap, both temporal and geographic, between the chuppahceremony and the wedding reception.  Typically, the reason cited for implementing this gap is that the couple …

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Mossad Passport Appeal 2010 – Give Generously

March 8, 2010 – 11:23 pm | 19 Comments

A Terrorist is dead – Quit your kvetching!

February 25, 2010 – 3:52 pm | 28 Comments
A Terrorist is dead – Quit your kvetching!

Galus Australis resident Zaide goes nutmeg in response to the following letter.
Dear Izzy,
Recently I discovered that a forgery of my passport was used in a mission to assassinate some terrorist in Dubai.  And now I …

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Hamas ‘disciplines’ army officers over Gaza

February 5, 2010 – 4:08 pm | 9 Comments

By David Werdiger
A Hamas army report on its conduct in Gaza last year has revealed that two officers were ‘disciplined’ for insufficiently endangering human life when they authorized three hundred civilians to be moved to …

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