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December 8, 2015 – 3:43 pm |

Following Galus Australis’ transition away from an online magazine to a Facebook based community group, the site was to be taken offline (on Friday 11 December).
However, as that date became closer, we received several requests …

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Mind Control and Rabbinical Tyranny

May 17, 2013 – 12:33 pm | 3 Comments

By Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo<
Judaism is experiencing a great renaissance these days, something we can rejoice over. Today we are blessed with a great number of highly unusual Israeli “secular” programs where completely non-religious young …

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Exhausting Preparations vs Spirituality – A Post Pesach Debrief

April 9, 2013 – 5:58 pm | One Comment

By Sarah Bendetsky
The majestic holiday of Pesach has come to an end, I think to myself with a bit of sadness, as I pack away my Pesach dishes.  So long until next year in… Melbourne? New …

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Searching for an Alternative to our Broken Beth Dins

April 4, 2013 – 6:35 pm | 98 Comments

By David Werdiger
Some Australian Rabbis have been in the news a fair bit lately – and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons (although it must be said that popular media sources are hardly chasing puff …

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Certifying Cigarettes Kosher for Pesach

March 31, 2013 – 8:51 am | 27 Comments

By Ilan Bloch
While shopping in a local Jerusalem supermarket during Hol Hamoed I asked a worker (who happened to be Arab) where I might find quinoa. This gentleman looked at me aghast and, with a tone filled with rebuke, informed …

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Leadership, Arrogance, Dairy Vodka and Tomato Sauce‏

February 26, 2013 – 12:19 pm | 129 Comments

By Rabbi Meir Rabi
We are driven and commanded, as practising Jews, to constantly answer the question asked by Moses: What is it that Gd asks of you? [Devarim 10:12] The Gemara is puzzled, the question …

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Equally Different

February 8, 2013 – 4:46 pm | 8 Comments

By Alex Kats
Last month in Melbourne, our city was privileged to host one of the world’s best annual sporting events – the Australian Open, one of four international Grand Slam events. Tennis aficionados will know …

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Right Choice? Definitely. Right Reasons? It’s Complicated.

February 3, 2013 – 1:57 pm | 12 Comments

By Ilan Bloch
Last month I began my tenth year in Israel. I made Aliyah in order to stop being part of a minority in a multicultural, yet Christian-rooted, Australia. I wanted to live in my …

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Placing Your Flag Somewhere

January 10, 2013 – 10:11 am | 194 Comments

By Joel Lazar
One Shabbat last month, I deliverd a dvar torah to my congregation, Beit Aharon (Gandel Besen), about the war crimes and atrocities perpetrated daily in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan. With the same heart-wrenching …

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The Chanukah Tree

December 12, 2012 – 10:46 pm | 3 Comments

By David Werdiger
The Menorah is one of the most enduring Jewish symbols we have – instantly recognizable, and adopted as part of the emblem of the state of Israel. The menorah lit in ancient times …

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The Name G-d Gives G-d a Bad Name

November 14, 2012 – 12:22 pm | 3 Comments

By Kim Gotlieb
As a spritual seeker, I find myself in a range of conversations about the notion of God, or G-d or Hashem…..just to address a few of the Jewish words we use! Some of …

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