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Editor: Alex Fein

Other regular contributors:

Geoffrey Bloch is a Melbourne based barrister.

Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo, founder and dean of the David Cardozo Academy, is a prominent lecturer and author who is world renowned for his highly original insights into Judaism and his ability to communicate the relevance of Jewish values and practice in today’s complicated world. A native of the Spanish-Portuguese Jewish community of Holland who holds a doctorate in philosophy, Rabbi Lopes Cardozo received rabbinic ordination from the Gateshead Talmudic College and studied in Israel at the Institute for Higher Rabbinical Studies of Chief Rabbi Unterman and at the Mir Yeshiva. In addition to teaching Jewish audiences, Rabbi Lopes Cardozo often lectures to non-Jewish groups, including Christian leaders, about comparative religion and the fundamentals of Judaism.

Frosh (Anthony) was a founder of Galus Australis and served as editor for the first four years of its inception. Anthony runs a consumer and social research consultancy.

Simon Holloway is a scribe of the Pharisees. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney (Classical Hebrew and Biblical Studies) and is the Director of Education at North Shore Temple Emanuel. His interests include the Hebrew Bible as literature, the ‘interface’ between linguistics and literary criticism, and the development of the Hebrew language. Simon is also the author of Davar Akher.

Alex Kats is a Melbourne based public policy and events manager, who has previously lived in Sydney, Israel, London and New York. He has a relative who was once a General in the Russian army, and another relative who has been excommunicated from the Jewish community. He is also distantly related to Henry Winkler who played ‘the Fonz’, and to Aharon HaKohen from the Bible. With that yichus and a background writing speeches for politicians and organising conferences for CEOs, he is completely confused and therefore regularly thinks and writes about contemporary Jewish issues.

Joel Lazar finished his Arts degree (creative writing) in 2012 at Monash University and has spent a good deal of time galavanting around the world to Kings College (London), Mechon Hadar (New York), Maale Gilboa (Israel) and on various agricultural adventures. He currently divides his time between a law degree that won’t go away, an internship at HN Financial Service Lawyers, working as Education Coordinator of Jewish Aid Australia and directing a freelance copywriting and editing business.

Dr Philip Mendes is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work, Faculty of Medicine at Monash University. He is the author or co-author of six books including The New Left, the Jews and the Vietnam War, 1965-72 (1993), and jointly edited with Geoffrey Brahm Levey, Jews and Australian Politics (2004). His publications on Jewish history and politics have appeared in numerous local and international journals.

Liz (Elizabeth Paratz) is a medical doctor, whose articles can really be simply summarised as ‘a spoonful of Judaism helps the medicine go down.’ (All the references in her articles can be supplied upon request.)

Kovi Rose is a Mount Scopus graduate who made aliyah in March 2011.  He plans to study international law/advocacy after he completes his military service.

Malki Rose is a media producer and researcher from Melbourne. She’s studied theological and literary texts, history and politics and enjoys bringing science, history and torah together in a wonderful tour de force of outrageousness in her plight for the ultimate truth. Including lectures on Jewish Metaphysics and Eschatology, such as ‘Moshiach: Are we there yet?’ (in which she blamed/praised Aristotle and the Fibonacci Sequence for this whole Messianic mess!) She has a media/film company, and a Fine Food and Catering company. Loves working with charities, social justice and contributing regularly to several online publications. When not writing, babbling and cooking, she can be found camping in the mountains of the Victorian countryside, hanging out with her nieces and nephews, or at the end of a microphone crooning her favourite Barbra, Broadway and Musical hits.

Rach SD (Rachel Sacks-Davis) is interested in creative Jewish expression, ancient Jewish heretics, and riding bicycles. She works in population health research.

Sibella Stern is a deeply restless global citizen with an interest in sexual slavery (an academic interest of course), music, writing and quizzing people about difficult or definitive moments in their lives. In her spare time, she daydreams about which of her family members would make the ultimate Amazing Race partner. Today it’s her sister.

Deborah Stone is the editor of ArtsHub and a former executive director of the Anti-Defamation Commission. She is also a former editor of the Australian Jewish News and a former journalist at several major metropolitan newspapers.

Keren Tuch is a wandering and wondering Jew who aspires to be a citizen of the world.  By profession she’s a physiotherapist, by leisure she is a reading, writing cyclist (although not simultaneously!) and by food she’s an interested Jew.

Manny Waks is a former Vice President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Immediate Past President of the ACT Jewish Community and founding President of the Capital Jewish Forum.

David Werdiger is a writer and public speaker, a director of Australian Jewish Funders, and a director of a number of technology businesses including KISS Mobile and Billing Bureau. You can connect with David on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, or Google+.

Ghil‘ad Zuckermann, D.Phil. (Oxford), Ph.D. (titular) (Cambridge), M.A. (summa cum laude) (Tel Aviv), is Professor of Linguistics of Endangered Languages at the University of Adelaide. He holds an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Fellowship, as well as a 211 Distinguished Visiting Professorship at Shanghai International Studies University. Professor Zuckermann is a world-renowned expert of revival linguistics, Jewish linguistics and contact linguistics. His numerous publications include the books Language Revival and Multiple Causation (Oxford University Press, forthcoming), the revolutionary bestseller Israelit Safa Yafa (“Israeli – A Beautiful Language”) (Am Oved, 2008), and Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003). His website is http://www.zuckermann.org .

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