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December 8, 2015 – 3:43 pm |

Following Galus Australis’ transition away from an online magazine to a Facebook based community group, the site was to be taken offline (on Friday 11 December).
However, as that date became closer, we received several requests …

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Jewish is my mother tongue

July 5, 2014 – 7:53 pm | One Comment

By Gillian Polack:

I love telling the reading public (or rather, my reading public, when it chooses to listen) “I’m not the Jewish person you think I am.”
I don’t belong to mainstream Judaism, even though I do. …

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A lesson in-tolerance

June 19, 2014 – 7:12 pm | 2 Comments

By Andrew Wirth:
I recently and unexpectedly spent a day in Los Angeles, courtesy of a delayed United Airlines flight and a missed connection home. The first thing I often do when in a foreign city …

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A Failure of Leadership: Rabbinic Overreach

June 12, 2014 – 12:27 pm | 33 Comments

By Anonymous:
What happens to a leader when they overreach? How many leaders in the world have begun to believe their own press and tried for one last grab for absolute power only to damage their …

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Message from the editor

June 11, 2014 – 11:20 am | 4 Comments

It’s been an eventful year since I began editing Galus. Now I’m off to have a baby and am leaving you in the capable hands of Bracha Rafael. I’ll still be around, moderating comments and …

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A Limmud Journey

May 30, 2014 – 10:53 am |

By Alex Kats:
It has now been five months since I had the privilege of participating in the Limmud Conference in the UK. The branding for Limmud UK – which was plastered on posters and all …

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Just How Far Right Is Spiritgrow? Odd Goings On at Wheeler and Ari Shavit Demolishes Anti-Zionism

May 25, 2014 – 4:14 pm | 8 Comments

From the Editor:
While Galus usually avoids the Israel Palestine issue, preferring to focus on issues Antipodean, we believe three recent stories bring the conflict in the Middle East closer to home and warrant our readers’ …

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Labouring in Vain? The ALP, The Jewish Community, and Israel

May 22, 2014 – 12:13 pm | 22 Comments

By Dashiel Lawrence:
Somewhere in Israel stands a small JNF forest named in recognition of former ally and friend of the Jewish state, Bob Carr. The forest was bestowed in Carr’s honour back in 1996; that …

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The Politics of Shul (not based on a true story)

May 19, 2014 – 11:58 am |
The Politics of Shul (not based on a true story)

By Arielle Perlow:
Ari has kindly given us permission to  republish her anthropological infographic. She refers to it as, “The Politics of Shul (not based on a true story)”

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Marlo Newton’s Update and Jonny Schauder on The Jewish Scene at Glen Eira College

May 13, 2014 – 3:27 pm | 5 Comments

Update from Marlo Newton:
Update on Jewish life at Glen Eira from UJEB.
There is certainly a buzz around Jewish life at Glen Eira College right now. UJEB applauds the enthusiasm and attitude of the senior management …

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A New Global Jewish Taskforce to Combat Child Sexual Abuse

May 8, 2014 – 5:10 pm | 2 Comments

By Vivien Resovsky: Recently I attended the first International Congress for Child Protection Organisations in Jewish Communities [the Congress] that was held at the Haruv Institute at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The Congress was …

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