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MEMS Microphone Market Supply and demand chain Forecast to 2026: Infineon Technologies AG, STMicroelectronics, Vesper Technologies, Inc., TDK Corporation.

MEMS Microphone Market

Wide-ranging market information of the MEMS MICROPHONE Market report will surely grow business and improve return on investment (ROI). This market research report gives CAGR values along with its fluctuations for the specific forecast period.

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Succinct Description of the Market:

Top Major Competitors are Infineon Technologies AG, STMicroelectronics, Vesper Technologies, Inc., TDK Corporation., CUI Inc, Knowles Electronics, LLC., AAC Technologies, Goertek, DB Unlimited., New Japan Radio Co.,Ltd., Projects Unlimited, Inc., Sonion., NeoMEMS Technologies Inc., Analog Devices, Inc., Hosiden Corporation, Cirrus Logic, Inc., Orbotech Ltd., GMEMS Technologies, Inc., Vesper Technologies, Inc.,  among others.

Global MEMS microphone market is set to witness a healthy CAGR of 11.15% in the forecast period of 2019- 2026. The report contains data of the base year 2018 and historic year 2017. Rising demand for rugged MEMS microphones and increasing application of MEMS are the factor for the growth of this market.

MEMS (microelectro-mechanical systems) microphone technology has resulted in the growth of very high performance small microphones. These MEMS microphones usually have high SNR, better sensitivity, less power consumption and applicable in very tiny packages fully compatible with installation procedures for surface mounting. Digital, analog, electret and other are some fo the common types of the MEMS. Mostly two common technologies is used in MEMS capacitive and piezoelectric. After reflow soldering, MEMS microphones show almost no quality change and have outstanding temperature features. They are widely used in application such as consumer electronics, hearing aids, mobile phones and other.

MEMS Microphone Market

The Promising Regions & Countries Mentioned In MEMS Microphone Market Report are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. This helps gain better idea about the spread of this particular market in respective regions.

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Key Developments in the Market:

In August 2019, Vesper announced the launch of their new digital microphone VM3000 which is specially designed for the Internet of Things devices. These new microphone has the ability to shut out more signal interference as compared to the analog mics so they can be used in from smart speakers to wearables to headphones. This launch will help the company to strengthen their position in the MEMS microphone market

In March 2018, Vesper and Unisem announced their partnership so they can develop piezoelectric MEMS microphones. With the help of the Unisem high manufacturing capacity, Vesper will be able to meet the rising demand for the piezoelectric microphone. This partnership will help the company to meet the consumer demand and strengthen their position in the market

Crucial Market Segment details-:

  • By Type (Digital, Analog, Electret, Others),
  • SNR (Very High, High, Low),
  • Technology (Capacitive, Piezoelectric),
  • Application (Mobile Phones, Other Consumer Electronics, IoT & IVR, Hearing Aids, Other)

Methodologies utilized to evaluate the market-:

  • Rising demand of MEMS microphones from smartphones manufacturer will drive the market growth
  • Expanding voice assistant solution will also contribute as a major driver for the market growth
  • Growing usage of MEMS microphone in field of healthcare acts as a market driver
  • Price erosion of MEMS microphones will also restrict the market growth
  • The emergence of advanced applications has increased the incidence of microphone spying which will also hamper the market growth


The MEMS Microphone Market report provides a meticulous picture of the sector by summary of data, production, and method of study originated from various sources. Competitive analysis comprises identifying the key mutual trends and major players of the market. Besides, report also includes an assessment of different factors essential for the existing market players and new market players coupled with methodical study of value chain.

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Table of Contents

1 MEMS Microphone Market Overview

2 Manufacturers Profiles

3 Global MEMS Microphone Market Competitions, by Players

3.1 Global MEMS Microphone Revenue and Share by Players

3.2 Market Concentration Rate

3.2.1 Top 5 MEMS Microphone Players Market Share

3.2.2 Top 10 MEMS Microphone Players Market Share

3.3 Market Competition Trend

4 Global MEMS Microphone Market Size by Regions

5 North America MEMS Microphone Revenue by Countries

6 Europe MEMS Microphone Revenue by Countries

7 Asia-Pacific MEMS Microphone Revenue by Countries

8 South America MEMS Microphone Revenue by Countries

9 Middle East and Africa Revenue MEMS Microphone by Countries

10 Global MEMS Microphone Market Segment by Type

11 Global MEMS Microphone Market Segment by Application

12 Global MEMS Microphone Market Size Forecast (2019-2026)

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