In China a new Wuhan: Harbin is feared (which has already led to the dismissal of 18 employees for not stopping the outbreak)

In Harbin, in the province of Heilongjiang, which borders Russia, China sees a problem. In the city with ten million inhabitants, a man infected 78 people and is fighting against a new outbreak.


Harbin is a city in the Heilongjiang province, bordering Russia

Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

Harbin is a city in the Heilongjiang province, bordering Russia

Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

Currently, the USA is the country with the most confirmed cases of people infected with Covid – 19, with 944.805 registered. China, the country where the first outbreak began in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, is already in ninth position, with 82.816 Confirmed cases. This is a number that has grown little in recent months. This Saturday, for example, the country claims to have registered only 12 new cases. In recent days, Chinese counts have been similar. However, this may be about to change. As Reuters tells us, in Harbin, a city of ten million people in northeastern China, in Heilongjiang province, there is a man from 87 years that was the beginning of a chain 78 infected. More cases come from Chinese returning from Russia, which borders Heilongjiang.

This story comes at a time when China is trying to return to normality in the country. Last week, the Chinese regime guaranteed that there was no makeup of the death toll, guaranteeing that “China does not authorize cover-ups”. A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted that there were “delays and omissions” in the registration of victims, but assured that there was an “irreproachable response” to the outbreak by the government. However, as reported by El Mundo, in Harbin, at the weekend following these statements, 18 Political officials were fired for failing to prevent this new outbreak.

Harbin is an industrial center quite close to Russia. In the past two weeks since China started reopening, more than two thousand citizens have returned to the country to this province and are believed to have brought 400 infected people. Little by little, in a China that wants to open, Harbin is closing more and more and the authorities already pay for two thousand yuan (about 260 euros) to citizens who notify the authorities if they saw neighbors who came back without going through checkpoints. In Mongolia, for example, there are already hotels that prohibit inhabitants of Harbin, as The New York Times points out, after a confirmed case that came from Harbin.

Fear of a new epicenter in Covid- 19 in China, or a new Wuhan, exists. In the case of the elderly person who infected 78 people, 55 people are already confirmed with the disease and 23 are still unsure whether or not they are sick. It all happened because he had been to two hospitals in Harbin since April 2 and a dinner he had at home. As a result of this house, in the province of Liaoning (which is separated from Heilongjiang by Jilin), there is already a confirmed case coming from this chain.

“I will never take my daughter or my parents there again out. If we need food or vegetables, we let my husband buy it on the way back, ”a resident of 34 Harbin's years, showing the fear that lives. It is because of this fear that local authorities are demanding tighter measures in Harbin: All people who come from abroad must stay 28 quarantine days and do two tests.

According to the official version of the Chinese authorities, the outbreak in Harbin came about because of a woman who flew from the USA to China in the middle of March. Four tests will have been done that all were negative. However, it will also be responsible for a chain of transmissions. As Zeng Guang, the main epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, says, according to The New York Time, test failures should serve as a warning and it is not clear why the virus in this case was so difficult to detect and spread so easily.

These cases create problems for Harbin. This Wednesday, one of the Chinese news services, said that 4. 106 people who were in two hospitals in this city have yet to be tested. There are cases of Chinese citizens who flew to Vladivostok from Moscow to try to return by land to the country. It is on this border with Russia that China is having more problems to the point that it has already opened a temporary hospital on the border between Heilongjiang (the province of Harbin) and Krai do Litoral (the district of Vladivostok).

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