Bolsonaro accuses WHO of encouraging masturbation and homosexuality in children

Brazilian President accused the World Health Organization on Facebook of encouraging masturbation and homosexuality in children up to 12 years. Post, written on Wednesday, has since been deleted.


Andressa Anholete

Andressa Anholete

Jair Bolsonaro accused the World Health Organization (WHO) on Facebook of encouraging masturbation, homosexuality and sexual relations in children up to 12 years. In a post made on Wednesday night on the social network, the President of Brazil shared a list with alleged guidelines of the entity regarding sex education.

In the publication, however deleted, Bolsonaro, who did not cite any source, began by stating “this is the World Health Organization (WHO) that many say I should follow in the case of the coronavirus”, questioning: “Should we then follow also your guidelines for educational policies? ”. As the Brazilian President wrote, the WHO defends, among other things, that children from 0 to 4 years old should “express their needs and desires, for example, in the context of 'playing doctor'”, and that minors between 9 and 12 years must have their “first sexual experience”.

Jair Bolsonaro accuses the WHO of encouraging the masturbation of children, and then deletes the post. But there was time to print.

– Hildegard Angel (@hilde_angel) April 30, 2020

According to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, the information was shared a few hours after the special advisor to the Presidency and brother of the Minister of Education, Arthur Weintraub , have posted a tweet with the same charges and a link to a website from fake news , Summit News, where the same information appears. On Twitter, Weintraub also accused the WHO of having “gender ideology.”

Oms with guidelines recommending that children ages 0 to 4 be taught about “masturbation”, “pleasure and fun”, ” touch the body “and” gender ideology “. Is this correct ??? https: //

– Arthur Weintraub (@ArthurWeint) April 29 , 2020

As O Estado de S. Paulo also explains, Bolsonaro and Weintraub's publications, originating from Summit News, are a distortion of a guide prepared in 2010 by WHO in an effort to “ensure that children have accurate and sensitive information about sexuality ”. The document's indications are not aimed at minors, but at educators, parents, guardians and government officials in countries in Western Europe and Central Asia.

The passages specifically highlighted by the Brazilian President and his advisor were removed from a list for educators in which it is warned that the guidelines must be analyzed based on “the individual development” of each child.

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