With hospitals on the verge of collapse between Covid-19 and the explosion, Lebanon is back in confinement

In response to the collapse of hospitals, which are struggling to respond to the double tragedy of the pandemic and Covid – 19 in Lebanon, the Government started this Friday a new period of confinement of 17 days.


Altogether there are 269 patients hospitalized with Covid – 19 in Lebanon, of which 73 are in intensive care

PATRICK BAZ & sol; AFP via Getty Images

Altogether there are 269 patients hospitalized with Covid – 19 in Lebanon, of which 73 are in intensive care

PATRICK BAZ & sol; AFP via Getty Images

Covid's slow tragedy – 19 and the immediate tragedy that was the explosion in the port of Beirut that left at least 181 dead and more than 6. 500 injured wounded Lebanon hospitals to such an extent that the Government decreed this Friday the return to confinement at the national level that will be in force in the next 17 days .

The measure was announced on Wednesday and put into practice this Friday. According to what has been announced by the authorities, there will be a curfew between 18H00 and 6am 00 of each of the 17 days to count this Friday, including, throughout the country – except for the areas affected by the explosion of August 4.

According to the French-speaking Lebanese newspaper L'Orient-Le Jour, they will be closed shops, shopping centers, markets, cafes and bars, as well as public parks and swimming pools. Restaurants will continue to operate exclusively on a take-away basis and home deliveries.

In all, Lebanon has already registered 11. 580 cases of contagion from Covid – 19, of the quis 116 resulted in the death of the infected. This Friday, authorities announced three new deaths and 62 new cases across the country in the last 24 hours. Altogether, there are 269 hospitalized patients, of whom 73 are in intensive care.

Still, and again according to that newspaper , which cites ANI (Lebanese Government's National Information Agency) the first day of confinement has not been fully respected – with several restaurants and shops in Beirut opening despite the indication to the contrary. In various parts of the country, people and traders were fined for breach of the confinement order.

publish the names of the offenders ”, warned the Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, who, like the rest of the Government, is resigning. “The doctors of each region will make daily reports on the respect of the measures foreseen in each region and we will act accordingly”, warned that minister.

The director of public hospital Rafic Hariri in Beirut, Firas Abiad, made an appeal on Twitter for the Lebanese to be “responsible.”

“Will the public comply with the measures of safety? In the past, some have found ways to get around the rules. There were reports of parties, weddings and funerals. This is because it nullifies any public measure, “wrote Firas Abiad. ” The authorities cannot be everywhere. The public must be responsible. ”

And while recognizing that there are psychological and financial costs associated with two more For weeks of confinement, the director of what is one of the largest hospitals in the Lebanese capital stresses: “The ultimate goal is to avoid the growing number of patients who need a hospital bed but are unable to have it. We have already lost lives that arrived recently, we should not now lose more. ”

5/5 There is a financial, not to mention a psychological, cost for two weeks of partial lockdown. The ultimate aim is to avoid a mounting number of patients requiring, but not finding, hospital beds. We have lost enough lives recently, we should not lose more.

– Firass Abiad (@firassabiad) August 19, 2020

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