CDU Açores says that SATA accounts are “anything but transparent”

CDU Açores accused SATA of lack of transparency in its accounts, and accused the Regional Government and the group's administration of “making it difficult” to access information from a public company.




CDU Açores considered this Monday the accounts of the air carrier SATA “anything but transparent” , and accused the Regional Government and the group administration of “ make it difficult “to access information from a public company.

According to a press release from the PCP-PEV coalition, SATA's accounts and reports “are anything but transparent or public, but SATA has public capital”. That political force wonders about “what, then, is the reason that leads the administration and the Regional Government “, socialist, to” make access to this information so much difficult. “

CDU / Açores considers that “good management that guarantees the economic and financial health of the SATA group, and that simultaneously promotes an adequate and correct operational management of its fleet, t to be the subject of any policy that is seriously concerned with the Azores , with the future development and, above all, with the Azoreans. ”

According to communists and ecologists, what has been seen in the management of SATA and in the follow-up of the strategic policy defined by the Regional Government for the company “Is far from reassuring”, and the scenario that presents itself “causes an inevitable restlessness on whom, like the Azorean people, so much depends on this with panhia. ”

“ Every time the SATA group reports and accounts are released, doubts grow and the loose ends in relation to its financial management multiply. But the administration and the Regional Government, instead of being correct and transparent about SATA's recovery strategy, claim that knowledge of this strategy would only cause 'significant confusion' or that 'it is not ready' ”, states the statement.

Considering that it is “urgent to correct the policies adopted for the company and the sector, because they are them, with the worsening of the Covid outbreak – 19, which are inevitably leading SATA to financial disaster ”, CDU / Açores“ continues to argue that the solution is to design a growth and expansion that takes into account the dynamics of the air transport market. ”

“This strategy will necessarily have to undergo an organizational restructuring that responds in a coordinated, agile and effective way to the competitive demands of this market”, stress the communists.

In 18 in August, the European Commission gave a green light to one Portuguese state aid of 133 millions of euros to the Azorean air carrier SATA and opened an investigation to assess compliance with EU standards in other public support to the company.

“The European Commission has approved, under the European Union (EU) state aid rules, a sum of 133 million euros in support of SATA's liquidity ”, which will“ allow the company to fulfill its public service obligations, provide essential services and ensure the connectivity of the outermost region of the Azores ”, announced the community executive in a statement.

However, the institution “opened an investigation to assess whether certain public support measures in Portugal in favor of the company are in compliance with EU rules on state aid to companies in difficulty”, said the press release.

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