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On the 3rd of this month, another woman was shot dead by her husband. He had been a victim of domestic violence for 16 years and had a nine-year-old son, who witnessed the murder and was the victim of a car accident caused by his father which resulted in the deaths of both. This child was in an alternative residence. This mother who was trying to get out of an abusive relationship was prevented from protecting her son from the violence and ended up being murdered. Justice did not protect them.

On the 8th of this month, five days after another femicide, the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the body responsible for disciplinary measures and safeguarding the independence of judges, takes a decision.

Apply an unregistered warning sanction, whether or not disciplinary proceedings are initiated, to Judge Maria Clara Sottomayor.

Punishment is inflicted on an ill-behaved girl who insists on having a voice and an opinion.

Or, better yet, it is still a yellow card, as the espresso stated in the press on 09.09.2020 at 12:32, which then changed – “Although the disciplinary sanction of the warning not recorded has no consequences from a legal point of view, it is a yellow card addressed to Clara Sottomayor, known for her positions of defense of feminism ”.

But, after all, what did Judge Counselor Maria Clara Sottomayor do?

He reacted with indignation to the death of Valentina, a nine-year-old girl, exactly the same age as the boy who saw his mother murdered and is trying to survive in the hospital. Valentina died at the hands of her relative and had previously attempted to seek help while fleeing, resulting in this desperate request for help as part of a filed for promotion and protection process. And yes, there is still no conviction and therefore there is a presumption of innocence which, however, does not imply a conviction of innocence, as is known.

Advisor Judge Maria Clara Sottomayor said, in comments she thought were even private, and that they did not take the character of criticizing the decisions of a process, that everything should be investigated. “That the processes of regulating responsibilities must be studied to analyze what could have been done to prevent crime.”

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We had heard these words to defend the human rights of children and we had taken action and maybe there was no more dead mother and another child fighting for life.

As I mentioned earlier, the forms of discrimination and gender-based violence against women change over time, and today they even appear painted in blue and yellow. And no, they’re not gold on blue.

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