What can you learn about living with your baby? | Opinion

He’s just a baby, but we can actually learn a lot from them about what really matters in life!

Believe me, although I think it won’t be the best bibliographic source, if you take a moment to look at it you will be amazed at the life lessons this little person can give you!

Now see:

Say no “
Isn’t that your baby’s favorite word yet? So wait a bit because this phase will arrive: “No” for everything, be a banana asking you if you want, or go for a swim, anyway … and believe that this “no” will come out in a very expressive way!

Of course, I’m not telling you to do it all the time or for all and nothing like your baby, but say ‘no’ to things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. It will definitely decrease your stress and free up time and energy to do the things you really love.

Ask for what you need
Have you noticed how clear your baby can be when he wants something? Can’t you repeat the same phrase 345 times in ten minutes, until you get what you want?

Some choose their most alluring side to give their parents a hug or a kiss, but if that fails, they quickly go to tears! This to say what? You don’t have to be so “pushy”, but when you need something, say it! Whether it’s a raise in pay or a special dinner with your husband, it doesn’t matter … Learn from your baby: “Who doesn’t cry, doesn’t breastfeed.”

go forward
Have you noticed that when your baby falls or doesn’t fit into the puzzle piece, he doesn’t waste time blaming himself for what is wrong? She cries just because it hurts (physically or psychologically), but she also realized that after she cried, the thing goes on and on… Stop the martyrdom, don’t spend too much time “crying over spilled milk” . Instead, calm down, learn from the mistake, and move on!

Find a reason to smile, in the little things
When was the last time the morning sun made you smile? We adults tend to belittle the little things, but our babies don’t. Have you noticed how long your baby can spend staring at a butterfly or the colors of a rainbow? Look for your moments of happiness. Think back to that time when you felt really good at a family picnic or watching a funny movie. Pay attention and enjoy the little things like listening to your favorite music on the radio on the way to work or a kiss from your baby.

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Take a restful nap
Here, our babies and Spanish friends know well what science has already proven: A short 20-30 minute nap after lunch can improve mood, attention span and performance. So if you can, sleep when your baby is sleeping!

Ask for help
Have you noticed that when your baby enters the stage of wanting to be the one to do it all, it’s okay to ask (and sometimes demand) for help? Being a mother and father can be one of the most amazing and exhausting jobs in life. So when you are feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do, ask for help!

Have fun and enjoy life!

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