Protests against corona measures: police stop demo in Munich – 10,000 on the way – politics

In several German cities, thousands of people have demonstrated against the state’s corona measures. According to police estimates, about 10,000 people attended a meeting in Munich alone – twice as many as registered.

Hundreds of people took to the streets in Hanover and Wiesbaden. They complained about undue interference with fundamental rights and the arbitrariness of the state. The demonstrations were initially peaceful. But the police were prepared.

Because the number was so clearly exceeded in Munich and many participants did not wear masks, the police stopped the train. Shortly afterwards, the organizers of the “lateral thinking 089” initiative broke off the train and asked the participants to gather for the main rally on Theresienwiese. All available police forces have been moved there, a spokesman said. There were no incidents or arrests initially.

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In Hanover, more than 1,000 protesters took to the streets against state corona measures, according to police. The train in the city center had to stop in between. Participants were asked by the organizer to keep as little distance from each other as possible and to wear mouth and nose protection. The police made this a condition for all demonstrations.

In Munich, the demonstration was preceded by a legal dispute over the format and scope of the event Photo: dpa

The police were in large numbers in the capital of Lower Saxony. She expected about 2,000 people to attend the march and a subsequent meeting until 8 p.m. In the afternoon she gave about 1100 participants. One speaker spoke of a “fake pandemic”. “They are taking our human rights away from us,” she told the federal government. In addition, tax money would be wasted. A private initiative had registered the “Walk to Freedom”.

There were also several counter-demonstrations in the city, for example by the Left Youth and the German Trade Union Federation (DGB). Their motto was “For health protection and against conspiracy theories”.

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A protest campaign also began peacefully in Hesse’s capital, Wiesbaden, on Saturday afternoon, as a police spokesman announced. Police initially did not name the exact number of train participants against government corona measures in central Wiesbaden. Some participants are counting in the high three-digit range, it said the day before. According to the city, the protest has been registered for as many as 3,000 people.

During the night, a court overturned the attendance limit

The city had approved the demonstration and a vigil under conditions for the organizer. This should yield its own folder for the smooth process. Protesters must wear masks and maintain a safe distance of 1.5 meters. The earlier protests in Wiesbaden against the state’s corona rules had gone off without major problems.

In Munich, the demonstration was preceded by a legal dispute over the format and scope of the event. It wasn’t until Saturday night that the Bavarian Administrative Court overturned a city-imposed participant restriction on 1,000 protesters.

The organizers had registered 5000 for the last rally and 500 for the demonstration. Their plan to hold the meeting in the city center was rejected by the administrative court because there was too little space there to maintain the necessary hygiene distances. (dpa)

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