Socialist MEP Isabel Moreira announces the vote for João Ferreira | Presidential

Socialist MP Isabel Moreira has declared her intention to vote for João Ferreira in the presidential elections. The PCP announced this Saturday the candidacy of the MEP in the elections and Isabel Moreira admitted on Facebook that she would vote for the Communist candidate “in the name of a non-populist democracy”.

“I really like João Ferreira. I think he’s a democrat. Aversion to populism, which brings exactly what I want to be marked in this campaign, which promises so much in this file. For all of this and much more, I will vote for João Ferreira, in the name of a non-populist democracy. In the name of the rule of law ”, declared the deputy.

Isabel Moreira also deplored the fact that the Socialist Party does not have an official candidate, which she considers “a mistake”. “We read the news and it seems we forget that the electoral majority is on the left. The PS has no official candidate. Again, this appears to be a mistake. But here we are. Free to choose. “

Isabel Moreira recently guided her passage in the Assembly of the Republic with a divergence from the socialist bench. In June, the MP, a specialist in constitutional law, severely criticized António Costa’s government and accused the executive of violating the Constitution and not listening to Parliament.

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This Saturday, the MP used Facebook to launch a new split in the PS, her vote announced to João Ferreira, a communist MEP and the one chosen by the PCP central committee to try to occupy the place at Belém Palace by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The MP also took advantage of the space on Facebook to highlight the role of the PCP in democracy – making it clear that she was not a communist – and thanked the Communist Party for avoiding “the dream of the enemies of democracy. , inorganic movements, on the far right which now have so many hours of social communication ”.

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