After the fire in camp Moria: the first refugees move to a new emergency camp on Lesvos – politics

After the great fire in the Moria refugee camp, about 300 migrants moved to a new tent camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. Most of them are families, Greek state broadcaster ERT reported on Sunday.

Before they were admitted to the new camp, everyone had to take a rapid coronavirus test. The virus was detected in seven migrants, the broadcaster reported, citing the Ministry of Health. All seven were taken to a remote part of the Kara Tepe tent camp for isolation.

The situation on the island was also tense on Sunday. Several thousand migrants are waiting in the street. It could take weeks before everyone got a roof over their heads after last Wednesday’s fire. Authorities are looking for more places to set up tent camps.

However, most migrants do not want to be moved to a new camp, but prefer to move away from the island. The residents are also opposed to the construction of new housing.

Over the course of Saturday, there were repeated spontaneous demonstrations and, as a result, clashes between refugees and police. Migrants threw stones. The police used tear gas. The Moria refugee camp was almost completely burned down after unrest and arson. As a result, about 12,000 people became homeless overnight.

A woman washes her eyes with water after receiving tear gas.Photo: AFP / Angelos Tzortzinis

In the meantime, the debate on the admission of refugees has continued. SPD chairman Saskia Esken demanded in the “Bild am Sonntag”: “Germany must take the lead here and can also agree to accept more refugees, regardless of the decision of other EU countries.” The announcement by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), Admitting 100 to 150 unaccompanied minors in a first step is not enough.

Green group leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt said in the same newspaper: “Germany must take the lead as a role model, also with other Europeans in a coalition of the willing.” Berlin Senator for the Interior Andreas Geisel (SPD) held a crisis summit of the federal government and the states in the “Tagesspiegel am Sonntag”. and municipalities to take in refugees. “The Federal Minister of the Interior should finally sit down with the helpful states, cities and municipalities.”

The Austrian Chancellor remains tough

Meanwhile, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz reiterated his no to accepting people from the burned camp despite political pressure. “If we give in to this pressure now, we run the risk of making the same mistakes we did in 2015,” the conservative ÖVP politician said in a video message on Facebook Saturday morning. Instead, Austria wants to transport 400 accommodations with heating, beds and blankets for 2000 people in need to Lesvos. In addition, ten ambulance personnel and an army doctor would be appointed. (dpa)
The Minister of the Interior Michael Stübgen (CDU) of Brandenburg announced on Saturday at the RBB Inforadio that 500 camping beds, sleeping bags and blankets and ten power generators would be delivered to Lesvos. In addition, the promise remains that more than 40 families with sick children could come to Brandenburg, Stübgen said. Moreover, the possibilities of assistance are limited. (dpa)

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