Cristina felt ’emigrated’ to SIC and says she stays at TVI until the end of her days | TVI

It was a night to start the new image of TVI information, but where Jornal das 8 served as a stage for the news arriving there at the Queluz de Baixo station and above all to open the screen of Cristina Ferreira. The presenter and new Entertainment and Fiction director and non-executive director gave an approximately 15-minute news interview in which she announced that she would be returning to Morning You on TV! to “finish the program” with Manuel Luís Goucha and that his new program will start the next day.

However, the traditional morning program that TVI has broadcast for 16 years – and whose presenter made his debut precisely on September 13 – will alternate with the new Dia de Cristina program as it will not have a certain day to be. issued, as specified by Cristina Ferreira. But he didn’t want to reveal what it was or the exact date – he just promised that “it’s almost, almost, in a few days.” “Here’s the synopsis: that’s all Cristina wants,” he said. “It can be any day; it starts early and ends late, ”he said, with people to interview among other content. “Over the past year and a half I have taken them to watch the morning program [da SIC] in another way. “

Cristina Ferreira was keen to point out that the entry as a shareholder of a 2.5% share of Media Capital which cost her one million euros – which she bought with the money from her “savings Over the years – shows that she got to stay. The presenter emphasized that this was her “final professional project”. “I’m not going anywhere else; this is where I will stay until the end of my days. “

The presenter returns to TVI “with a new position” to help renovate the station and justified it by the fact that she always felt “emigrated” for the past two years at SIC. “I went [da TVI] to know he was coming back; I didn’t know when or how, ”he said, arguing that he“ was looking for better terms ”, but he still lacked the“ loves ”that were on TVI. “I really liked winning [as audiências na SIC] I was never happy that TVI lost.

Of the two years spent at Impresa station, the presenter says she has always been treated well but regretted that the project she moved into “ended up not being exactly as she imagined” and is entering functions for which she ended up not being “very called”. “I could have stayed there for another 20 years.” He admits he broke the contract but is “completely calm” – “While I was there I did my best, I gave everything to SIC”, he argued, saying that he warned against his discontent but admitting that the managers of Impresa were “taken by surprise” with the switch to TVI.

The presenter and businesswoman confirms that in the contract she signed with SIC “there is room for compensation” because of her departure and that she knows she must pay. “There is no alternative. It was there, it’s written. I pay. The rest will be dealt with in court if this is the case. “But the 20 million euros claimed by SIC are” an unfounded figure “and, he guarantees, does not deprive him of sleep.

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New studio to start a cycle

The studio that TVI opened on Sunday evening marks the start of the news restructuring of the Queluz channel. In addition to the scenario, the new studio, which was planned and executed by local teams led by Filipe Terruta, is also a technology hub, with several led panels, and allows the construction of three scenarios. In the huge floor space in shiny black linoleum – which is the headache of the cleaning lady, Natércia Fernandes – the Jornal da Uma, the Jornal das 8 and the evening program TVI24 will be performed.

From Monday to Saturday, Jornal das 8 will be in charge of Pedro Mourinho and José Alberto Carvalho alternately; Jornal da Uma will be presented by Pedro Pinto, the same pivot who will make the news on Sunday night with Paulo Portas who maintains his Global space. Monday, Miguel Sousa Tavares remains at Jornal das 8, but with another outfit: instead of revising it, he will only be a commentator and interviewer.

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