Poll: the PS moves away from the absolute majority | PSD

The PS fell in voting intentions and returned to April values ​​at the same time as the BE and the PAN were gaining strength and the right was practically stagnant. This is the picture drawn by the September barometer produced by Intercampus for the Jornal de Negócios and the Correio da Manhã / CMTV, after the Prime Minister opposed a scenario of political crisis regarding the feasibility of the next budget of the State (OE).

The Socialists obtain 37.4% of the voting intentions, 2.2 points less than in August, the lowest figure since April and which deviates from the scenario of the absolute majority of May and June.

BE, on the other hand, one of the parties with which the government negotiates OE, recovers from 8.5% to 9.9% of the voting intentions. On the contrary, the CDU loses a percentage point (to 5.1%) after the controversy surrounding the holding of the Festa do Avante !. The same image applies to the leaders of both parties: Catarina Martins strengthened her image (from 2.8% to 3.1%) while Jerónimo de Sousa was exhausted (from 2.5% to 2.3%).

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The PAN increased in voting intentions, reaching 4.1% of voting intentions, up from 3.2% in August.

On the right, all parties – PSD, Chega, CDS and Liberal Initiative – are suffering some wear and tear compared to August, although this is not significant. PSD drops to 24.3% (vs. 24.8%), Chega drops to 7.4% (he had 7.9%), CDS loses a tenth to 4.3% and IL records a breakout of 2, De 8% to 2.1%.

Fieldwork for the survey was carried out between September 4 and 9. The sample consists of 614 interviews and a selection by the random generation of fixed / mobile numbers.

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