Sightseeing flights over Australia: From Sydney to Sydney – Qantas flies in circles – Economy

Australian airline Qantas is looking for new business models in the corona crisis. Starting next month, a seven-hour sightseeing flight over Australia will be offered to take off and land in Sydney, the company said.

With the Boeing 787, commonly used for international long-haul flights, it travels at low altitudes over Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbor. The goal of “flights to the unknown” is to increase demand in the Asia-Pacific region, as airlines are among the biggest losers of the corona crisis: according to Asia Pacific Airlines, all entry restrictions, quarantine measures and change in risk areas come together. fell by 97.5 percent.

Taiwanese EVA Airways and Japan’s ANA also offer comparable regional sightseeing flights to secure jobs and keep their pilots up to date. (Reuters)