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Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was poisoned in his hotel room in the Siberian city of Tomsk, according to his team. There was a bottle of poisoned water, according to a video posted to Nawalny’s Instagram account on Thursday.

This now proves that Navalny has already been poisoned on Russian soil. Despite allegations of an assassination attempt, Moscow had recently claimed that Navalny was not poisoned until after his departure. The Kremlin repeatedly stressed that Russian doctors could not detect symptoms of poisoning.

The Russian opposition leader collapsed on August 20 on a domestic flight departing from Tomsk. He was then flown to Berlin for treatment.

While the Russian authorities reported that they had not found any poison in Navalny, an analysis commissioned by the Berlin Charité in a specialized Bundeswehr laboratory found, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel, that the Novichok group had been “unequivocally” poisoned. This poison was also found on a water bottle from the hotel room, Navalny’s team writes.

Navalny’s personnel collected evidence

This is the wording of Nawalny’s team statement on Instagram:

“Where does the ‘bad luck bottle’ come from? Let’s explain where it comes from after we constantly asked questions. The so-called ‘Bottle with Novitschok’, a normal plastic bottle with water on which a German laboratory later found traces of a war drug. from the room of the Tomsk hotel where Navalny and all our team stayed.

We’re going back to August 20. That day, part of our team flew to Moscow and some stayed in Tomsk to shoot a video. During the flight, Alexei lost consciousness and started gasping for breath, the plane had to make an emergency landing. Staff who had stayed in Tomsk immediately learned of the incident. At that point the only thing possible was done. They called a lawyer, entered the room Navalny had previously occupied, and began to collect, describe, and pack everything they found there. Including the bottles with the hotel water.

You can see how that is done in the video. There was not much hope of discovering such a thing. But since it was perfectly clear to us that Navalny had not only gotten ‘a little sick’, was not ‘overheated’ and Rafaello was not going to help us here, it was decided to give the doctors everything that would at least hypothetically be helpful in any way. can be. To give Germany.

It was obvious that the case would not be investigated in Russia either. And so it happened: a month passed, and Russia did not recognize Alexeis’s poisoning. Two weeks later, a German laboratory found traces of Novichok on this bottle from Tomsk’s hotel room. And then three more labs conducting analyzes confirmed that Navalny had been poisoned with it. Now we understand: it happened before he left his room to go to the airport. “
Here you can see the video showing the scenes in the hotel room in Tomsk:

Participation of Russian researchers in studies had previously been excluded from the Navalny area. Once again, the federal government asked Moscow to “immediately” explain the poisoning of Navalny with a banned chemical warfare agent, as government deputy spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer said.

Navalny has been treated in the Charité since August 22. He was in an artificial coma for weeks. He’s better now.

OPCW chemical weapons experts examine Navalny samples

To clarify the processes, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is now having biomedical samples of the allegedly poisoned person examined by experts and will notify the German authorities of the results. The organization based in The Hague announced this on Thursday.

For the investigations by the OPCW’s technical secretariat, its own team of experts independently collected samples from Navalny, the organization, which also belongs to Russia, said.

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The OPCW was called in by the federal government, which, according to its own statements, after examination in a special Bundeswehr laboratory, believes without a doubt that Navalny was poisoned with the military agent Novichok. Special laboratories in France and Sweden had also found a neurotoxin warfare agent from the Novitschok group as the cause of the poisoning.

The federal government had stated that the poisoning was not a case between Germany and Russia, but a violation of the chemical weapons agreement. The OPCW is responsible for its control. (rtr / dpa)

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