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Wanting to believe is the greatest strength of human beings. When there is a strong desire, we are able to believe in the dumbest and most unlikely things. And right now, we are overflowing with the desire to believe in something that will free us from this nightmare. Too much has been stolen from us and no one likes to be stolen. There are those who want to believe because they are desperate entrepreneurs, there are those who cannot live without parties, there are those who miss the hugs they miss and those who are just sad and want to come back to life. era when there were more smiles, and the smiles of the masks that invaded our lives. But we must resist. Resist. Resist the temptation to want to learn more than the science. You are putting your life, yours and all of us in danger. It is dangerous not to resist the urge to believe in nonsense. And as disinformation spreads stronger and faster than the wind, it’s not easy to have time to deconstruct all the bullshit that is being said out there.

Science for scientists. I can’t imagine anyone getting up from their seat on a plane going through a storm and trying to get the pilots out of the cockpit: “Get out of here! I know how to land this AirBus 380 in the middle of this storm ”. This is what we are seeing. Doctoral students stupidly say they know more than the whole scientific community. They look at the numbers and draw “conclusions”. And in this group there are also doctors (fortunately few) who, dangerously because they know something about science, forget that their ignorance is much greater than the little they know. Science has self-regulation. Accept the contradictory. It moves forward and backward, makes mistakes, but learns and evolves, and it will always be as close to the truth as we will be. “More people are dying of cancer!” Without doubt and even more of cardiovascular diseases. Mortality from non-Covid disease has undoubtedly increased due to the collateral damage of fighting the pandemic. But this is a simplistic way of looking at an extremely complex problem. The question that needs to be asked is: How many more would die from non-Covid causes if the pandemic were to get out of hand? There is an attempted dark force conspiracy that fuels the theory that health services only think about Covid patients. This is not true! Like a war (and I hate this comparison) people die more from lack of health care than from gunshots and bombs, but as long as there are gunshots and bombs there will be no no health care, and so whoever will kill them in either situation, it’s war, it’s pandemic. Money and happiness. Given my outlook on life, from the first day I considered that our mental health and happiness and the social catastrophe of those who found themselves homeless and without feeding their children, must be weighed against the consequences on public health whether Covid or Non-Covid. But what is at stake and certainly a topic of great debate where I have many more questions than answers is that the collective suffering that we are going through and the collapse of the economy could possibly be greater if we pretended the virus was just one more and we came across hospitals overflowing with dead. The panic and fear that would ensue would certainly be worse than what we are experiencing now. Forward, Fatima, Football and Discos. Large gatherings of people in the open air with reasonable dispersion and even more so if they are wearing masks do not appear to pose a great risk of contagion. This is why the pro and con cries of politicians and religions about large clusters, although in my opinion they may be anti-educational, seem less dangerous than having dinner with 10 people at home with friends. or with family. I love football and I like going out at night, and maybe because I know what’s going on there, I have to understand the ban on the public and alcohol, because the behaviors go fast beyond reason in both situations. The choices are extremely difficult, and the comparisons especially for those who hurt them in their pockets are endless, but you will even have to believe that whoever decides is doing their best when faced with an epic challenge. Numerologists. It seems that it is enough to go twice on the site of the DGS to become specialists of the number. But you have to know a lot first to be able to read the numbers, and even for those who know a lot, there is a lot that the numbers don’t say: the loneliness in which people die which is almost torture, the management of the guilt of those who have infected their family members and this has led to their death, the brutal absorption of human resources that this disease consumes, and the logistical labyrinth of managing a hospital full of Covids and everything else. It is more difficult than you can imagine.

We are going to live a period of collective hysteria and many will be right, that is to say that it will be very difficult to democratize what is best for everyone. And so, I urge you, do not feed the campaigns of disinformation, conspiracy and denial because they are very dangerous and endanger the lives of the people we love the most. And watching people die is not pretty. Believe me.

There are millions of people who science fails to reach and die infinitely more than we who are born surrounded by a world of knowledge that saves lives. Don’t deny them, take advantage of them and don’t try to get an opinion on how to fly the plane in the middle of a storm.

There is a strong desire to believe in stupidity. Resist.

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