Member of Uniter: Head of Constitutional Protection Haldenwang probably had far-right bodyguards – politically

The president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Thomas Haldenwang, has hired a bodyguard with a possible right-wing extremist background, according to information from “Focus”.

The man belongs to the Uniter group, suspected of being right-wing extremists, the magazine reported Friday, citing information from the federal interior ministry. A government official would say that despite all security checks, he could become the bodyguard of Haldenwang and other top officials at the BfV.

Haldenwang declined to comment on the matter at the request of “Focus”, the magazine writes. Bodyguards at the BfV protect the top of the office at public appearances and also know their private life and family environment. Sensitive information about people and covert actions may have flowed to Uniter, the government official told “Focus.”

According to the magazine, the BfV Uniter only upgraded from a test case to a suspicious case in June. The reason for this is “sufficient weighty factual evidence for right-wing extremist efforts of the organization”. According to “Focus”, Uniter specifically collects confidential information from security authorities.

In addition, individual members of the association are said to have drawn up death lists of political opponents in collaboration with right-wing radical chat groups. The association had come into the open because Uniter founder André S. was preparing supporters in right-wing chat groups for alleged impending disasters. According to reports, S. was a soldier in the Bundeswehr elite unit KSK until not so long ago. (AFP)

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