The Atlantic Axis rules out a new closure of the border between Portugal and Spain | Atlantic axis

The Secretary General of the Atlantic Axis, Xoan Mão, said Thursday that there was no reason to justify a new closure of the borders between Portugal and Spain, defending instead a strengthening of preventive measures against the disease in covid-19.

“I do not see that the current situation of the covid-19 pandemic in the two countries justifies the closure of the borders. There is an increase in the number of cases of infection in both countries, but this does not endanger hospitals or intensive care units (ICUs). On the other hand, there is also no increase in the number of deaths as happened during the period of containment, when the borders were restored, ”the official said.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, concerning a possible new limitation of mobility between the two countries, as part of the assessment of the evolution of covid-19 that the governments of the two countries will make in the coming days, the secretary general of the cross-border association explained that the evolution of the disease in Galicia “is lived with normality” and adds “not to be on the table of new confinement”.

“As far as I know, in Portugal this scenario is not on the table either. The increase in the number of cases of the disease is linked to the holiday period, but the health situation is far from that which motivated the delivery in March, ”he added.

Xoan Mão defended the need to “strengthen disease prevention measures”.

“Preventive measures, which were somewhat neglected during the holiday period, need to be stepped up and stepped up, but I see no reason to further close the borders. If that happened, it would be a real financial disaster, ”he added.

On Tuesday, the Portuguese Foreign Minister said he would discuss the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic in Portugal and Spain with his Spanish counterpart on Friday, highlighting the work “in a very coordinated manner” between the two countries.

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“I will be happy to receive my Spanish colleague [Arancha González Laya] Next Friday, the 18th. We will then have the bilateral summit between the two countries, on October 2, and, of course, these are opportunities for us to exchange information on how we are monitoring the evolution of the pandemic and the measures we are all taking to combat it, ”Augusto Santos Silva told Lusa.

The Foreign Minister added that there had been work “in a very coordinated manner with the Spanish authorities”, illustrating that the border between Portugal and Spain had been closed between March 16 and June 30, “by joint decision of the two States”. .

Asked about the need for a possible new limitation of mobility between the two countries, after the Spanish authorities announced on Monday 27,404 new cases since Friday, Augusto Santos Silva stressed that the decisions fell to the ministers of the administration. Portugal interior and Spain interior.

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