Before war breaks out in the Mediterranean: an end to arms and EU millions for Turkey! – Politics

This is no exaggeration: relations between the European Union and Turkey are “at a crossroads”. This is what Josep Borrell, EU Foreign Affairs representative, said in Parliament, given the – to say the least – tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. But certainly not only for that.

Because this is what it looks like: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been harassing the opposition for years, human rights have been on the hunt for a long time, the situation of the judiciary is deplorable.

In addition to:

Erdogan’s Turkey is at war in Syria and Iraq; he burns Libya, Lebanon, Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia; Turkey is demonstratively rolling out the red carpet for Palestinian Hamas and Iranian mullahs.

That the country continues to receive hundreds of millions of euros in pre-accession aid from the EU, not to mention weapons – no problem? Of course.

And the next big one, after China and Russia. What these two states have in common with Turkey is that they are all controlled by autocrats.

So far the EU has not even responded to the hostilities in the Eastern Mediterranean, the threat from two of its members, Cyprus and Greece, with the threat of sanctions. The heads of state or government want to discuss the topic of Turkey and sanctions next week. It’s time.

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