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Geographic area: Porto
Theme: social reintegration

A recommendation from Bolsa do Voluntariado, an initiative of Entreajuda

The São Cirilo Community Center is a private social solidarity institution (IPSS) focused on training in the autonomy of individuals and families, migrants and nationals, of working age and in a situation of social fragility, promoting their integration through life projects built with themselves.

It started with the objective of welcoming and integrating many immigrants who arrived in Portugal under difficult conditions (homelessness, difficulties of cultural and linguistic integration, temporary lack of jobs or economic back office. ), and the crisis of recent years has with the Center to extend its action, in addition to migrants, to also welcome and support national citizens in need, always with the aim of helping their social reintegration.

The Center offers a range of care and training services for users, regularly monitoring the individuals and families supported in the office. As part of its activities, the Center provides support in packed lunches and family meals, also with a Life Project to help with social reintegration, offers a temporary accommodation service with 18 beds and free assistance offices in several areas: social support, psychology, employment, legal and transversal training, as a form of professional training.

What is the impact of the São Cirilo community center?
In 2019, the São Cirilo community center had already provided support to 7,959 users of 124 nationalities, totaling around 110,000 meals distributed, 12,000 food baskets and 530 work placements.

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How can I help you?
São Cirilo Community Center is looking for volunteers to provide support in the following areas:
– Distance learning of Portuguese I and II for people of working age of various nationalities;
– Support for the transport of food between the donor stores and the Center.

What do they need from me?
When it comes to distance education, there is a preference for those who have teaching experience and are tech savvy. The idea is to start classes from October 6th. From September 22, new available volunteers will be contacted for an interview.

It is expected that the volunteer will be available once or twice a week at a fixed time, which may be in the morning, afternoon or after work. It will be up to the volunteer to set the time and time for each class, remotely, via the zoom or another free platform chosen by the volunteer.

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