Floods on the beach have forced 150 people to be accommodated at the national stadium since Saturday – Observador

More than 150 residents of the districts of the city of Praia affected by the floods and floods caused by heavy rains last Saturday had to be moved and relocated to the national stadium, the chamber of the Cape Verdean capital announced on Friday.

“Today, more than 150 people are already accommodated at the National Stadium and totally dependent on the solidarity of all”, recognized the municipality, which coordinates the campaign to collect support for these families, in a note to which Lusa has access .

Official data indicates that the scenario experienced at dawn last Saturday in Praia was the result of heavy rains that exceeded the annual average of the past 30 years in the capital. The municipality of Praia has warned, however, that the weather forecast for next weekend presents “a tendency to tropical rains on the outskirts of the country”, and sensitize the population to the care and protection to be taken.

The Cape Verdean government has already estimated that investments of 258 million escudos (2.3 million euros) will be needed to “restore normalcy” in Praia after the consequences of heavy rains a week ago.

Cape Verde’s Deputy Prime Minister Olavo Correia, however, admitted the need to seek support from international partners to recover from the destruction caused in Praia by the rains.

On Thursday, visiting the areas of the capital most affected by flooding, runoff and destruction caused by heavy rains, in which a six-month-old baby died, the President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, called to more “firm” measures. stop informal construction on slopes and rivers, as well as spatial planning policies.

“We have to work harder, work better, in order to be able to transform the Cape Verde that we have today, in the sense of being a more egalitarian, more just country, with less social inequalities. There is still a lot of poverty in this country, in this capital. It is a challenge for all of us, ”warned the Head of State, seeing the effects of recent rains in Praia.

The floods caused the destruction of houses, roads and land tenure, affecting mainly the poorest and informally built areas.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca then admitted that the country and its capital “have grown a lot” in recent years, but that it is necessary to provide “means of subsistence” to settle the populations, especially in other parts of the island. from Santiago, avoiding migration to the capital, with the respective urban pressure and disorderly construction. Together with those responsible for the autarky of the capital, he called for “firmer” measures to stop informal construction on slopes and rivers, but at the same time also for “alternatives”, so that people obey “regional planning policies”.

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