Portuguese music to love his own: Rodrigo Aleixo – “Give me a little drop of water” | Video

It is indisputable, Rodrigo sings very well. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that the future of Alentejo singing and its singing is assured. And it is this point that must be understood, spoken and discussed. Because unfortunately, in addition to his wishes, there are many other factors that contribute to making him sing in a choral group in 10, 15 years. We need more attention, more care for the interior of the country. Because if he decides to study and cannot return, because he has no job or conditions, there is no group to save him. Or he joins with others, who sing as well as he does, and form a group, and they are scattered, rehearse and play – but it won’t be the same. Therefore, the question is, what is the future of Alentejo singing? Rodrigo will be what he wants and the song is already in him.

In times of social isolation due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, Tiago Pereira, founder of the A Música Portuguesa to Like Her Own project, began inviting artists from all over the country to film themselves playing a song – that’s A Música Portuguesa a Recar- if it is his. He also films them at the window. P3 regularly shares these videos.

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