Muslim student in the French lower house: parliamentarians leave the room in protest against the headscarf – politics

After the appearance of a woman in a headscarf in the French National Assembly, parliamentarians called for such “religious symbols” to be banned. MEPs from the ruling party La République en Marche (LREM, The Republic on the Move) and President Emmanuel Macron’s conservative Republicans and conservative Republicans were “shocked” by the incident on Friday, condemning it as a sign of “militant Islamism. “.

A representative of the largest French student association UNEF, Maryam Pougetoux, appeared at a hearing about the corona pandemic in the National Assembly on Thursday wearing a hijab – a headscarf that covers hair, ears and neck. Several MPs left the room in protest.

The rules of the French House of Commons have so far allowed the wearing of crosses or headscarves during hearings or plenary debates. Several MPs have now called for a ban. “The National Assembly should not be a stage for militant Islamism,” Conservative MP Eric Ciotti wrote on Twitter. LREM MP Anne-Christine Lang called the headscarf a “sign of submission” for women.

Other politicians from the ruling party and the Greens spoke out against a headscarf ban in parliament. They pointed out that visible religious symbols are allowed in public areas in France. In contrast, they have been banned in public schools since 2004 due to the legal separation of church and state. (AFP)

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