District Pankow is planning extensive construction work: Pratergarten on Kastanienallee before the end? – Real estate – economics

At first they start very slowly, nights in the beer garden. But then! Not only here are Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg similar. What is true of the beer garden can also be said of their district offices: If this is not the case, orders and orders are quickly jeopardized. “Replacement power” is available as a means of coercion.

And so the tenant Pratergarten on Kastanienallee has been facing a shot since yesterday. If she is not to tolerate construction work that turns her beer garden into a deserted place, she has to pay a fine of 10,000 euros a day. For at least one year. In addition, they will receive a dismantling of their refreshment stand.

According to Tagesspiegel, both letters should be sent on September 18. It is then ordered to “tolerate work on the leased area” from 1 October 2020 until completion “and” until 30 September 2020 to remove all items you own from the leased Pratergarten area “.

If the snack rack is not dismantled in time, EUR 5,000 will be charged. “In the public interest”, Pankow orders the “immediate implementation” of the obligations arising from the decision.

Dagmar Hillig, the beer garden is to be dug – for the infiltration area so that no drops of rain drip into the sewer from the roof of the neighboring theater building. Date of completion of construction works: open. The district does not want to commit. As the planned year in Berlin can quickly change to three or four years, the end of the popular revival could be sealed. Because no agreement has yet been reached on financial compensation.

Instead of stretching the work, everything should be solved at the same time. “Probably by the end of September 2021,” writes the Berlin district office. Does it really have to be?

First, everything should go very quickly: the district could lose the funding requested by the city’s monument protection program (“Housing Support”), in which the federal government is also financially involved. This is a district, they say. In addition, the sewer network is sick and is better restored than repaired.

They should fall, crossed out trees in the Prater beer garden on the Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg …. Sketch: Pankow District Office in Berlin, Department of Urban Development and Citizens’ Services, Office of Urban Development, Department of Monument Protection

The cozy place in old Berlin is remodeled in a retro style

Monument protection must be used to enable the open-air space to undergo a complete retro-style renovation (some in the West speak of the GDR Disneyland from the 1950s). Of course, several beautiful trees in the Ferris wheel must fall during the construction work – all at once.

After deforestation, the drinkers had a clear view of the Stift Elisabeth seniors’ center. Nice prospects? No, says tenant Dagmar Hillig. Yes, says the district, which finally wants to create order here. The case is likely to go to the Berlin Administrative Court.

It is one of the 10 best excursion destinations in Berlin. The official Berlin travel portal Visit Berlin praises: “Enjoy under the big trees … Photo: IMAGO

The “Berlin Prater”, which has existed since 1906, is a traditional venue that is well known far beyond the city’s borders. The whole facility is under monument protection. Around the central theater building is the Prater Garden with an open-air stage, a beer garden (for approximately 1,600 guests in pre-Coronian times) with a restaurant built in 1857 in a typical Berlin vaulted style, various farm buildings and a small night bar. Here Paul Lincke performed the “Berliner Luft” in 1935. Children were conceived in the Pratergarten, marriages were started and divorces were declared. Today it is the oldest beer garden in Berlin.

In the years 2005 to 2010, parts of the recreational and entertainment facilities were gradually renewed from the means of monument care. The aim of the reconstruction is to preserve the protected area as a place of public art and culture. District Mayor Sören Benn on the left would like to see it first and foremost. In the future, Brecht-Weill evenings outside cannot be ruled out.

“Of course we knew the beer garden should be renovated,” says Hillig. However, it was planned to start with the theater building. 2018 was said to have been postponed until 2019. In November 2017, Pankower Facility Management received a letter from the Green Office requesting that the tenant be closely involved in the planning.

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On January 16, 2020, she was asked by the district office to come to the table. The finished plans were already there. The beer garden must be closed for one season in 2021, the restaurant for a month. “I was amazed,” Hillig recalls. Its landlord Thorsten Kühne, district councilor for schools, sports, building management and health, emphasized that she would be involved in the planning as tenants.

“But no one ever talked to us,” says Hillig. “We were run over.” We learned about the plans from the press through a site visit planned by Mayor Benn. We should now dismantle our refreshment stand this season. “It was built in 1997 – not by Hillig – for filming and was tolerated by the district, but was never approved. The technical equipment installed by Hillig was expensive.

We were threatened with cutting lines

It’s not against the project at all, but you would have two years to get involved, says Hillig. “If we don’t sign an amendment to the lease, we risked deleting it.” And with a certificate of tolerance under the Monuments Act. Our private rental was mixed with sovereign tasks. ”

In addition, upon completion, the rent should be initially increased. There are no rules on how loss of income should be compensated. Hillig estimates the foreseeable economic damage based on the economic report of Treugast Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaft mbH (Munich) at EUR 1.85 million.

The district would like this to be demonstrated by sales figures and will not pay this amount of damages. Pankow offers “compensation (…) up to a maximum of EUR 500 000” – although the economic damage should be higher. After covering the rent in Berlin, a compensatory cover was proposed for this catering facility.

“The district did not respond at all to the proposal that this amount of 1.85 million euros be checked by a third party,” says Hillig. As compensation for the foreseeable loss of sales, he can imagine extending the lease period to ten years. The district offers five years. “I never asked for compensation in euros,” says Hillig, “only for the possibility of compensating for economic damage in the future.”

The current contract lasts until 2030. “I would have to send my employees for part-time work, if no agreement is reached – then it will all be paid by the taxpayers!” There will be thirty left at the end of the season. Due to the corona, you currently have only half the seats and the oldest beer garden in Berlin still runs a business. It must be possible to gradually transform the Pratergarten without closing it: “German engineers and civil engineers could have done it!” Pankow County did not want to comment on the request. For procedural reasons.

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