A mother who abandoned a baby in Cacém went to Amadora-Sintra | Sintra

The mother who abandoned a 21-day-old baby on Tuesday at the Centro Baptista Social, in Cacém, municipality of Sintra, went to the Amadora Sintra hospital this Friday, advanced the Jornal de Notícias and confirmed the PUBLIC together of the PSP .

The same source details that the woman went to Fernando da Fonseca Hospital (Amadora-Sintra) in the afternoon of this Friday, showing regret and justifying her act by the fact that she was expelled from the house where she lived with her son. , therefore having no place to spend the night.

The woman will be heard by the court on a date that is not yet known to the authorities. The prosecution had already opened a procedure to investigate the case.

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On Tuesday, the newborn was left at the door of the religious institution with a letter explaining the reasons for the decision. That day, Francisco Rosado, commander of the Agualva-Cacém Volunteer Fire Department, told the PUBLIC that anyone who left the baby “should know that there was a meeting at the center,” thus ensuring that someone would see the child.

In the letter, written in the name of the baby, it was requested that the mother not be judged, because “she only keeps me from suffering with her, we have many difficulties,” it read. The baby was dressed, with a diaper and, in addition to the letter, had a bottle with milk next to it.

The baby is already in foster care, as the PUBLIC reported. The justification presented this Friday by the mother proves the theory of the CCPJ which ruled out financial motivations.

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