Government assumes around 60% of EU funds go to businesses – Observer

The Minister of Territorial Cohesion said on Friday in Tondela that around 60% of the six billion euros of Community funds for companies in Portugal 2020 have already been paid. “In support of companies alone, we had 18,600 projects approved which involved an investment of nearly 12 billion euros and which involved funds of around six billion euros and which were already paid, out of these six billion euros. euros, about 60% ”, admitted Ana Abrunhosa.

This, he explained, “from the end of last month, of the Portugal 2020 program, and projects under construction,” said the minister who spoke with entrepreneurs who announced today in Tondela an investment of more than 95 million euros in extension projects of the structures already built in the municipality.

“It is often said that community funds are only intended for large companies and that it is very difficult to access community funds. I would like to tell you that 80% of the funds for companies in Portugal 2020 are for SMEs [Pequenas e Médias Empresas], although there are medium and large enterprises, ”added the Minister.

The manager said that “there is nothing impossible”, while acknowledging that “it is not easy, but also if it was easy, I did not know it well” and, in this sense , said the government can “improve the difficulties and reduce the bureaucracy”, but “the companies run and the future of EU funds remains the same”.

In response to the mayor, José António Jesus, who did not hide his desire to see the main route (IP) 3 that crosses the municipality turn into a highway, Ana Abrunhosa admitted that “the roads are often demonized, because the countries there are already many ”.

“Some areas do not have the roads they need and roads are very important for competitiveness, because they have a major impact on the cost of transport and we are well aware of the importance of a few cents, in in terms of savings in the cost of transport, subsequently in the final price and in international competition, ”he said.

On a day when the governor ranked “very good”, due to the announcement of business investments, Ana Abrunhosa congratulated the mayor “for the public mission” she has accomplished, and even because “community funds are available and some take advantage of us and others not for that, which is not the case, and for the benefit of companies ”.

“The public investment that is made in favor of companies is the best example of the application of European funds and funds by the municipalities”, he defended, supposing at the same time that what he saw in Tondela’s companies, which he visits, “is a bet on innovation and good wages and it is the road to success”. Ana Abrunhosa did not praise the 12 entrepreneurs present who invest in Tondela, a municipality which, according to her, “is no longer domestic and entrepreneurs are responsible, because they bet on innovation and skilled jobs” .

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