Bolsonaro says staying home in pandemic is for “weak” – Observer

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said staying home during the covid-19 pandemic is for the “weak” and praised a group of farmers for “not getting into the soft talk” of social isolation .

“You didn’t stop during the pandemic. You haven’t gotten into the little talk of staying at home. It’s for the weak, ”the head of state told rural producers and supporters at an event in Mato Grosso state, in west-central Brazil, as quoted by the local press. “I have always said that the virus is a reality and that we have to face it. Nothing to fear from which we cannot escape, ”he added.

The president also said that agro-industry ensures the country’s food security. “Agribusiness, to a large extent, has kept Brazil from entering an economic collapse, and more: it has given us food security, not only for 210 million Brazilians, but also for more a billion other people living in the vicinity. the world, ”Bolsonaro said.

Last week, the head of state, who since the start of the pandemic has been very skeptical of the severity of the disease and opposed social isolation, said Brazil is among the countries with the least suffered from covid-19.

Brazil is the Portuguese-speaking country hardest hit by the pandemic and one of the hardest hit in the world, if we count the second number of deaths (more than 4.4 million cases and 134,935 deaths), after the United States of America.

During his trip to Mato Grosso, one of the states most affected by the fires ravaging the Pantanal, Bolsonaro reported that he had encountered problems landing his plane due to poor visibility. “Today, when the plane landed, it launched. It was the second time in my life that this had happened. It happened once in Rio de Janeiro, and obviously something abnormal is happening, in which case the visibility was not very good, ”explained the president.

The throwing maneuver occurs when the pilot decides to climb back up with the airplane while the airplane is already in operation to land, towards the ground. According to the airport administration, the problem was due to smoking in the area, which made landing difficult.

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