Arrives and European partners united by the EU with internal borders and anti-immigration – Observer

Chega, led by André Ventura, received this Friday the support of partners of the European group Freedom and Democracy (ID) and declared himself united against immigration and the restoration of the internal borders of the European Union.

At the Chega headquarters in Lisbon, André Ventura had at his side the president of the ID group, the Belgian Gerolf Annemans, of the Flamengo Interest party, during a press conference, and the former French minister Thierry Mariani, current MEP elected by the National Union of the Navy. The pen.

Before participating in the Chega convention in Évora, these two ID MEPs welcomed Chega’s membership, formalized in July, to this political group, the fifth in the European Parliament, which has as one of its main flags challenge the immigration and reception of refugees.

Asked whether they are also united in favor of restoring the internal borders of the European Union (EU), Gerolf Annemans replied in the affirmative: “Yes, we want to [o acordo de] Schengen be revised ”.

The president of the ID argued that currently the Union does not properly control its external borders and that anyone who enters one Member State moves freely to another, but also defended that, in principle, the European area should be free to move “for goods, but not necessarily for people”.

French MEP Thierry Mariani, Union Nationale, argued that, at least as long as the current flow of migrants from the Mediterranean is maintained, internal border controls are again justified and have de-dramatized the effects that it would have for European citizens, claiming that “it would be like going to the supermarket checkout”.

Thierry Mariani complained about the openness of the EU: “I have never seen a place as open as Europe”.

“Yes, we are obviously in phase with this aspect”, declared André Ventura, who was the last to answer this question.

Today we have a total lack of control from the point of view of immigration, from the point of view of the movement of criminals, terrorists and sex offenders, a full and free passport throughout the European Union, and we we must therefore find some form of control that prevents this movement. anyway when you enter Lisbon and go to Belgium or France or Germany without any control, ”defended the only member of Chega.

André Ventura, recently re-elected president of Chega without opponents, added: “At times it may be necessary to have internal controls, even if we are in this area of ​​the European Union, because in fact the growth of the crime, illegal immigration, whether it comes from Africa, as well as the Middle East, must lead us to rethink these controls for the safety of the population ”.

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