Fátima, “Forward”! and an excuse called covid | Opinion

And the number of people who told me: “So you wrote on the Festa do Avante! and now you don’t write anything about Fatima ”? This provocation is particularly awkward for three reasons: 1) it does not seem to conceive that the same person can simultaneously condemn what happened in Fátima and what happened at the Festa do Avante !, As if we were in 1917 and that it was compulsory to choose between Lenin and Notre Dame; 2) He doesn’t seem to understand the difference between a gathering that happened unexpectedly (the shrine usually fills up on May 13 and October 13, but not September 13) and a gathering that a party promoted and wished to take place; 3) does not seem to understand that the big problem with Avante! it was never in the number of people who would come out with a Quinta da Atalaia covid, but in the terrible example that the PCP set the country when it claimed privileges denied to others.

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