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Honored Commission

I never thought, in my life, to witness the supreme humiliation of seeing a Prime Minister, mayors and deputies being thrown over the board of an honorary commission, as if it were ‘a pile of garbage, and more by a president of a football club with the profile of Filipe Vieira. At least they could have left as they entered: at your foot. They accepted the mistake, apologized to the Portuguese and those who invited them and left alone with their heads held high. (…) Recognize an error and assume that he is an honorable person. Now to be thrown overboard off an honor commission by whoever invited them and after publicly justifying the reason for acceptance ?! (…)

Santana-Maia Leonardo, Ponte de Sor

Crazy world

The world is crazy. Under what title has the Pontifical Academy for Life published on Twitter a photomontage of the sculpture by Miguel Ângelo in a message declared against racism, with the painting of a black man leaning on the knees of the famous Pietà ? The opinion of Father Anselmo Borges, professor of philosophy, of whom I am a great admirer, but who, surprisingly, agrees with this Byzantine thing, is curious, saying that the Gospel must be inserted in the different cultures. (…) With so many evils more and more widespread in the world and which affect everyone, without exception, whatever their skin color, their religion or their social situation, it seems at least weird to have fun with such things.

Carlos Leal, Lisbon

All or nothing

When we don’t want to give something to someone in need, we tell them we would even give them a fortune, but … it can’t be! Daniel Bessa (DB) told the PUBLIC that if the minimum wage is increased, the respective value should be one thousand euros. We all know that cannot be the case. Therefore, in his wise judgment, aware of few mechanical effects on the economy, he added that there should be no increase in the minimum wage. (…) This is what determines the economic “physical”: “if unemployment tends to explode (…), increasing the minimum wage will not help”. Fortunately, DB says: “I don’t understand anything about politics”. Known as his tendency towards false modesty, it is not believed to be so. But he knows beautifully what he’s come for …

José A. Rodrigues, Vila Nova de Gaia

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Hunger and humanism

“My mother loves me very much.” With this kind of signature, another child is abandoned at the door of a church by someone who is desperate and still has hope in a part of our eventual humanity. The pandemic, which has come to show the specter of hunger that already existed in the world and that many people have tried to sweep under the carpet, has opened the door to realities that can no longer be hidden and must be used, to the less, for some elites Financial institutions stop eating guests for breakfast in their private churches and begin to take responsibility for the fringes of the poor (…). While the FAO has warned of the humanitarian catastrophe that the pandemic could be born very soon, what do we hope to try to stop this foretold tragedy? (…)

Maria da Conceição Morais Mendes, Vila Nova de Gaia

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