Cafôfo wants concrete proposals to come out of the PS-Madeira Congress | PS-Madeira

Since Paulo Cafôfo appeared in Madeira politics in 2013, as an illustrious unknown who would win the Funchal city council at the PSD in the same year, PS-Madeira has already met three leaders. First Victor Freitas, who took him to the classrooms of a high school, at the head of a coalition of parties which inflicted the first defeat on the PSD of Alberto João Jardim; then Carlos Pereira, who confronted him in the 2018 internal elections; and finally Emanuel Câmara, who, by placing him as candidate for the presidency of the government of Madeira, in the regional offices of last year, definitively opened the doors of the party to the former professor of history who, until recently was not even a socialist activist.

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