Porto: from here there was Portugal | World Heritage of Portugal

There is a banjo player leaning against the Torre dos 24, there is a guitar player on the stairs near the Episcopal Palace. Across the Terreiro da Sé do Porto, there are pandemic tourists for all tastes – with and without a mask – doing as always: approach the edges for the inevitable photos. It is the river, it is the houses of the Sé to Ribeira, it is the hill of Vitória that we can see from here. This is where Porto was located, and from there you can see the most iconic area of ​​Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are already going to cross part of it, for the moment we are sitting on the steps of the “Manueline pillory built in the 1940s”. Until then there was no terreiro, says the historian and professor at the University of Porto Luís Miguel Duarte, everything was built up to about 1.5 meters from the door, there were butchers and all. “Everything was destroyed to build the terrace”, which “gives another visibility to Sé, Cabido and Paço Episcopal”.

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