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The covid-19 pandemic has stopped a lot of things in this year 2020, but Wines of Portugal in Brazil – a joint event of the PÚBLICO and O Globo newspapers in partnership with ViniPortugal – looked for a way to turn the situation around and, in its 7th edition, launches in digital format.

In this version, what in recent years has become the biggest Portuguese wine event in Brazil is able to reach not only the entire Brazilian territory (in its physical version it happened in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) but also in Portugal.

Thus, tickets will be made available to the Portuguese public – who will have the opportunity to attend three days of live tasting with 62 wine producers, 15 tastings with Brazilian and Portuguese critics, among these four special tastings with the presence of the producer himself.

At the same time, a digital platform was also born this year, which aims to be a journey through the worlds of the 62 producers who participate in Vinhos de Portugal (14 of them for the first time). A team composed by Simone Duarte, from Out of Paper, the company that created the platform and is responsible for organizing the event, videographer Pedro Kirilos, photographer Fernando Donasci and producer Celma Carreira, have traveled Portugal from north to south, filming, photographing and talking to producers (the adventure is told in the following pages).

The stories of dozens of producers, the images of the farms, the details that make the difference in each one, the wines and the respective technical sheets, the terroirs, the people, more than 90 videos, nearly 450 photographs, information on more than 500 wine references – all of this is available on this free access platform, at

Betting on the digital format in Brazil at the moment is natural. “This year there are many limits in terms of actions and they had to be rethought,” explains Frederico Falcão, President of ViniPortugal. “In the case of Brazil, this event, which took place in Rio and São Paulo, is no longer limited to these two cities, it now reaches the whole country”.

Frederico Falcão believes it is “a way of promoting who is here to stay” and admits that in the future there could be a combination of the two versions. “People like to be physically present at a wine event, to taste it, and I see no way, once we return to a certain normality, to completely replace the physical event. What may happen in the future is a combination of the physical event with the digital platform, which not only makes it possible to reach more people but also “to facilitate the flow of information and the contact with the producers”.

Forced, like most countries in the world, into isolation, Brazilians have turned strongly to the Internet, whose consumption increased by 40% in the first quarter of the year, as well as to wine, which began to grow. buy a lot more online. Frederico Falcão points out good news: “There has been a huge increase in online consumption and Portuguese wines have grown more than those of its direct competitors. Until June, we were the only ones to grow in volume and value, which means that our wines were considered a safe bet and this is a good sign, a sign of market confidence.

In addition to the partnership with ViniPortugal, the event supports the Alentejo Wines Commission (CVR Alentejo), the Centro de Portugal Regional Tourism Promotion Agency, the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR), Mozak and Ago; institutional support from Sindrio and official CBN radio. The Port and Douro Wine Institute (IVDP), the Dão Wines Commission (CVR Dão) and the olive oil of Esporão also participate.


There are 62 live sessions from the tasting room (the equivalent of the space where producers meet at a physical event). These sessions are guided by one of the five critics of the event: the only master of Portuguese-speaking wine, Dirceu Vianna Júnior, the Brazilian critic of Valor Económico, Jorge Lucki, the director of the newspaper PÚBLICO, Manuel Carvalho, and the Portuguese critics Luís Lopes and Rui Falcão. Each conversation with the producers will last 25 minutes.

In addition, Vinhos de Portugal offers 15 tastings, including four specials, with the presence of producers: Luís Pato (tasting guided by Dirceu Vianna Júnior); João Portugal Ramos; Sandra Tavares and Jorge Serôdio Borges (Wine & Soul, Douro); and also Tapada do Chaves (which currently has winemaker Pêra Manca Pedro Baptista as winemaker) – these three tastings will be led by Jorge Lucki and will feature special wines, some of which are rare and hard to find in the country. market.

In the remaining 11 tastings, the Douro and Alentejo regions, Port wines (led by Manuel Carvalho), future wines and the differences between varietal, blended and field wines (Dirceu Vianna Júnior) will be highlighted.

Alongside the three days of the event, the Wines of Portugal platform, which will remain available, offers all the information, with videos, photos and unique stories of each producer, as well as the session (which normally exists in the event physical) Take a Glass. There, 22 producers, mainly from Alentejo, Porto and Douro, taste wines and talk about culture in a series of videos.

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There are also three previously unseen videos with Brazilian singer Adriana Calcanhotto, already featured in Wines of Portugal, speaking – of the world of wine, of course – with architect Siza Vieira and designer Luís Afonso, as well as the enthronement of Calcanhotto into a brotherhood. some wine.

Finally, the Wines Com section offers videos with cork (to publicize the extraction process), travel, sustainability and nature – a trip through the Center of Portugal, from the coast with the waves that draw surfers from all over the world to the top of Serra da Estrela, including, among other things, the extraordinary artisanal cutlery work of Paulo Tuna in Caldas da Rainha.

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