On International Coastal Cleanup Day, marine litter is collected across the country | Environment

Dozens of organizations are promoting, from this Saturday, actions to collect marine litter and raise awareness of this problem, in connection with the International Coastal Cleanup Day, celebrated around the world.

The day, still the third Saturday in September, was created by the Ocean Conservancy organization and aims to promote ocean protection, currently underway in more than a hundred countries, bringing together millions of coastal clean-up volunteers.

The Minister of the Sea, Ricardo Serrão Santos, will be in Grândola, to follow the results of the cleaning action of 65 kilometers of beach on the Alentejo coast, promoted by the “Brigada do Mar”.

In Portugal, many actions are part of a call from the Oceano Azul Foundation, with more than a hundred actions to clean up marine litter, between this Saturday and September 27, whether on land or in the water.

According to a statement from the Foundation, the actions are taking place on the continent and in the autonomous regions and this year for the first time, diving centers and schools across the country have joined the initiative.

According to the press release, in addition to cleaning the seabed, the Oceano Azul Foundation also challenged Portuguese organizations dedicated to the fight against marine litter to promote cleaning actions on beaches, coastlines and margins of yards. of water. Municipalities far from the coast have also joined the initiative.

The objective of the day of this Saturday is also “to mobilize again the civil society and the general public for the problem of marine litter and the need for greater protection of the ocean”, indicates the press release.

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According to the Foundation, in 2019, as part of the same initiative, 13 tonnes of marine litter was collected as part of 65 coastal clean-up actions, involving more than 2,300 volunteers and 100 organizations, after being cleaned by more than 80 kilometers off the Portuguese coast.

International Coastal Cleanup Day was born out of an initiative of North American coastal communities, who came together to collect and document beach litter. The action dates back more than 30 years and since then the mobilization has increased and this Saturday brings together volunteers from more than a hundred countries.

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