“The doctors have solved the main problem”: Navalny practices stair climbing in Charite politics

Russian opposition politician Alexej Navalny, who is being treated at the Berlin Charité after poisoning, responded to his recovery on Saturday in a message on the social network Instagram.

In the photo that Navalny published via the network, he descends a flight of stairs – presumably in the Charité. He is wearing blue gloves and a white bandage can be seen in the crook of his left arm. There is a long text next to the image. A few days ago, Navalny showed up for the first time with a photo of his sickbed with his family.

“Let me tell you how my recovery is going” – that’s how the long message in Russian begins. What follows should make Nawalny’s supporters positive. It’s a clear, if not short, path he should take. “I didn’t recognize people recently and didn’t understand how to talk,” Navalny writes.

Every morning a doctor came to work on his cognitive skills. He always took a blackboard and asked him to write words on it. “This drove me to despair because although I generally understood what the doctor wanted, I didn’t understand where to get the words from,” writes Navalny. ‘Where do they appear in my head? Where can I find a word and how can you make it mean something? “

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All this seemed incomprehensible to him. “But I didn’t know how to express my despair either, so I just kept quiet,” said Navalny.

He can now climb stairs again – which he proves with the photo. His legs would shake, but he thinks, “Oh, that’s a kick! Climb past it. Maybe we should look for a lift. “But that is a step forward, because:” Before that I had just stood and stared. “

Navalny collapsed during a flight on August 20

There are still many problems to solve, writes the 44-year-old, but “the great doctors” at Charité “have solved the main problem”. They would have turned him from a ‘tech-savvy person’ to someone who had every chance ‘to become the highest form of existence in modern society again – a person who can quickly scroll through Instagram and understand without hesitation where he is going. must be Likes posted “.

President Vladimir Putin’s well-known critic collapsed on an intra-Russian flight on August 20. The pilots then landed in Siberian Omsk, where he was treated at the local clinic. On August 22 he was flown to Germany, where he has been treated in the Charite ever since.

A special Bundeswehr laboratory discovered that Navalny had been poisoned with a chemical warfare agent developed by the Novitschok group in the Soviet Union. According to the federal government, laboratories in France and Sweden have confirmed this finding. However, Russian doctors had stated that they had found no evidence of poisoning.

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