Seoul sues church leader over South Korea’s Covid-19 outbreak – Observer

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The city of Seoul announced on Friday that it would sue Jun Kwang-hoon, head of the Maximum Love church, responsible for the second largest outbreak of Covid-19 in South Korea.

South Korea with 441 new cases, worst daily record since March

Seoul will ask Jun Kwang-hoon for 4.6 million won (US $ 3.3 million) for damage to the city.

Jun Kwang-hoon was one of the figures who led the mass protests against the central executive in Seoul on August 15, after authorities in the South Korean capital banned the concentrations.

The Presbyterian pastor – who would eventually be infected with the new coronavirus – decided to move forward, despite days before the protests, several members of his church had already tested positive for Covid-19.

Seoul also believes Jun made it more difficult by providing false documents about members of his church. The epidemic linked to his church accounts for more than 1,100 infections.

The difficulties encountered by citizens due to the worsening of social distance [ativado após a deteção do surto] and their impact on the national economy is so great that they cannot be counted, ”city spokesman Hwang In-sik said today.

Lawyers representing the church deny the accusation and demand that the central government, which they accuse of failing to protect citizens, sue China for lying about the pandemic.

Social detachment helped reduce contagion, and South Korea reported fewer than 200 new infections per day for more than two weeks.

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